Ilene Kristen Photos
In the Press

Source Unknown, 1976
Provided by Connie

Soap Opera Digest, March 1977
Provided by Wanda

Ilene and Her Mom, Myrna

Soap Opera Digest, August 1977
Provided by Wanda

Delia and Pat's Shotgun Wedding

TV By Day Magazine, December 1977
Provided by Wanda

At Her Movie Theater, the Jean Renoir Cinema

Afternoon TV Stars, December 1977
Provided by Wanda

Ilene with Ron Hale at the
Opening of Her Movie Theater

TV By Day Magazine, January 1978
Provided by Wanda

With Malcolm Groome

Afternoon TV, January 1978
Provided by Wanda

Ilene Won Best Actress in the Afternoon TV Awards

Delia and Pat

Delia and Frank

Rona Barrett's Daytimers, December 1978
Provided by Wanda

Afternoon TV Magazine, May 1979
Provided by Wanda

Soap Opera Special, 1981
Provided by Wanda

Source Unknown, 1982
Provided by Connie

Source Unknown, 1983
Provided by Connie

Daytime TV Presents: Daytime/Nighttime Soap Stars # 12 (1983)
Provided by Connie

Soap Opera Encyclopedia, 1987
Provided by Carol

Delia and Roger, Circa the 1980s

Soap Opera Digest, April 30, 1991

Roger, Delia, Johnny, and Maeve in the Finale

Her Then Loving Co-Star Elizabeth Savage
is Quoted in the Caption: "She's the best,
she's the brightest. Thank God, she's the
shortest or they would never notice me in
our scenes. Isn't it about time someone gave
this girl an Emmy, or at least a nomination?"

Soap Opera Digest, July 25, 2000

Delia with Roger

Soap Center, September 2000

As Delia

Delia Wanted to be a Millionaire
Oh Wait, She'd Been There; Done That

St. Patrick's Day 1988

St. Patrick's Day 1988

Delia at Ryan's While Maeve Sang "Danny
Boy" in the Final Episode (January 13, 1989)

Soap Opera Digest, February 13, 2001

Delia and Bob, Circa the Late 1970s

Soap Opera Digest, May 29, 2001

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