Michael Levin Photos
In the Press

Soap Opera Digest, March 1976
Provided by Wanda

With Makeup Artist David Lawrence

Soap Opera Time, October 1976

With Michael Fairman and Ron Hale

Rona Barrett's Daytimers, July 1977
Provided by Wanda

With Ron Hale

TV By Day Magazine, January 1978
Provided by Wanda

Source Unknown, Circa 1980
Provided by Wanda

Jack and Rose

Afternoon TV, May 1980
Provided by Sabrina

At Joe and Siobhan's Wedding

Jack and Siobhan

Afternoon TV, 1982

Soap History, 1984
Provided by Wanda

Jack and Mary

Soap Opera Digest, June 1988
Provided by Wanda

Jack and Zena

Soap Opera Digest, February 1989
Provided by Wanda

Jack and Mary

Soap Opera Update, July 1998

Jack and Ryan

Soap Center, January 2000

Jack with Chaz, Matthew, and Leigh at His
and Leigh's Wedding (January 13, 1989)

Soap Opera Digest, July 25, 2000

Jack and Mary in Ireland on Their Honeymoon

Jack and a Cop After He Killed Tiso

Soap Center, September 2000

Jack and Adam (St. Patrick's Day 1980)

Jack and Ryan (1986)

Jack and Leigh at Their
Wedding (January 13, 1989)

Jack and Siobhan in 1979

Jack and Mary in 1975

Jack, Ryan, and Mark (St. Patrick's Day 1988)

Jack, Ryan and Mark

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