Nancy Addison Growing Up.....
Soap Opera Digest, October 1977
by Geri Jefferson
Article Provided By Wanda

Nancy (the fiery attorney Jillian Coleridge on Ryan's Hope) was born in New York; raised in New Jersey and attended school in Boston. But when asked if she had any particular feelings about 'the city,' her response was immediate. "I adore the city. I don't think there is any place I would rather live...I've been to Paris and Vienna and Munich - and I don't think any big city compares to New York."

I asked Nancy if acting was something she always wanted to do and again - her response was immediate. "I can't remember wanting to be anything else except maybe a veterinarian - I'm crazy about animals."

We spoke about her childhood days in camp where she always volunteered to act and sing in the "Parent's Day" plays.

As a child, Nancy felt that being an actress would be the culmination of her "Hollywood fantasy....everything about it was so gay and luxurious."

Nancy's dream came the form of theater work as well as television. Nancy loves working on Ryan's Hope - saying "I think I'm working with great actors and actresses and the production people are very involved. It's like a big family, it really is....I wouldn't leave Ryan's Hope to do any other soap opera."

I wondered how it felt to have so many fans - to have strangers walk up to her and tell her all the things Jill should and should not do.

"Well, they see you every single day and they really start to believe that you are that person, and that they know you personally. It's like they live in your life every day...."

From an adorable tyke to a magnificent woman - Nancy lives in a city she loves - is working at what she loves to do the most - and her happiness is infectious.

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