Bernard Barrow
Soap Opera Serials Magazine, September 1976
by R. Marian Rose
Article Provided By Wanda

The French have two words for an actor. One is "acteur", which means that no matter what role the actor plays, he is always himself. The other word is "comedien". That is the best kind of actor. The performer loses his real identity and becomes the character he is portraying. That is precisely why Bernard Barrow, Johnny Ryan of Ryan's Hope, is our Headliner of the Month.

Off-stage, Bernie is nothing like Johnny. He's quiet, shy, loves to play tennis and enjoys his position as Professor at New York 's Brooklyn College. But once Bernie enters the studio, his eyes get that Irish twinkle, he walks with that wonderful light stride and he's pure Johnny Ryan - head of the Ryan clan. He's not only believable in the role - he's superb!

"When the show is over, I just tear up the script, toss it in the wastepaper basket and become Bernie Barrow again. A good comedien gets the thrill of fooling the people 100%. When it is all over, I can go home, play tennis, watch television or talk to the kids at school. That's the fun of it all. That's how I departmentalize my life."

A few years ago, Bernie played Dan Kincaid on Secret Storm, a politician who became involved with the wrong people and went to prison. Bernie was perfect in the role. Then on Edge, he played Ira Paulsen, District Attorney. And, so he was! We must take our hats off to such a performer and acknowledge the fact that all his years of performing and studying have rewarded not only him, but his viewing audience.

When Johnny Ryan walks into the scene hot-tempered and bothered about something, that's truly Johnny Ryan you're seeing. Every action, every stride, everything about the character is completely thought out by Bernie. But, he does admit that the writing for the show is just the best in the business and Bernie knows what's he's talking about! Furthermore, he loves his castmates, in particular his RH wife Helen Gallagher.

So, hats off to Bernard Barrow, an actor in every sense of the word and a fine man off-stage.

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