Lizzie and Ben
Ben and Lizzie's Tugboat
Ride Location Sequence
Press Release, August 4, 1987
Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. Television Network Group
Provided By Lorenzo

    Spectacular views of New York and its harbor - from the Statue of Liberty to the Brooklyn Bridge - will come into view when "Ryan's Hope," the only daytime drama set in New York, takes a young couple on a romantic ride on a sturdy red tugboat around Manhattan. The scenes will air THURSDAY, AUGUST 6 and FRIDAY, AUGUST 7 (12:00 noon-12:30 p.m., EDT), on the ABC Television Network.
    Roundabout artist Ben Shelby (James Wlcek) and pretty Lizzie Ransom (Catherine Larson) laugh and learn about love as they spend the best day of their young lives aboard the unlikely setting of the tug, its prow bearded with rope and rubber fenders.
    To capture the colorful scenes, including a look at Manhattan with its skyscrapers glittering in the sun, camera crews were assigned to both the tugboat transporting Ben and Lizzie, as well as to a second tug which followed the first.
    Ben, who has worked on docks and in oil fields in Alaska, is now focusing his talents on painting. The lovely Lizzie helps Ben to make his first sale and he wants to celebrate in an unique way - taking Lizzie for a tugboat ride in New York harbor. Of course there are complications. Lizzie is engaged to another man. Meanwhile...
    Joseph Hardy, Executive Producer of "Ryan's Hope," directed the sequences.

Ben and Lizzie

Lizzie and Ben

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