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Chaz's Fantasy
Press Release, December 10, 1987
Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. Television Network Group
Provided By Lorenzo


    Talk about landing a dream role! In an episode of the popular ABC daytime drama, "Ryan's Hope," Brian McGovern, who plays Chaz Saybrook, gets to share the screen with seven of the most beautiful women in America.
    The gorgeous guest stars - all current or former state winners in the Miss U.S.A. beauty pageant system - will cuddle up with Brian in a flamboyant fantasy sequence, scheduled to air on WEDNESDAY, DEC. 23.
    "This is like getting an early Christmas present," laughingly said Brian. "Seriously, though, it's a nice change of pace for the character - and for me. Normally, Chaz is so sensible and down-to-earth. This fantasy segment gives him a chance to break loose and show a more sophisticated, take-charge side of himself for once. Besides," he adds with a definite twinkle in his eye," who'd mind working with all those beautiful women?"
    Who, indeed? They are Linnea Mancini, the reigning Miss New York-U.S.A.; Colleen Carlone, the reigning Miss New Jersey-U.S.A.; Stacy Joy Fox, Miss New Jersey-U.S.A., 1987; Beth Laufer, Miss New York-U.S.A., 1986; Lovey King, Miss New York-U.S.A., 1985; Diane Everett, Miss New Jersey-U.S.A., 1984; and Sheri Drummond, Miss New Jersey Teen-U.S.A., 1983.
    The dream sequence that prompts their appearance on "Ryan's Hope" is definitely one of the most colorful and imaginative in soap opera memory:
    In the storyline, Chaz - a likable young junior executive type, fresh from Dubuque, Iowa - has his eye on the beautiful newspaper reporter Ryan Fenelli (played by Yasmine Bleeth), but her interest in him is strictly platonic. Well, at least in the waking world it is. One afternoon, after a particularly unfulfilling encounter with Ryan, Chaz lets down his guard and drifts into a daydream where he suddenly has it all - charm, money, and the power to sweep any woman off her feet.
    In ultimate YUPPIE fashion, Chaz's fantasy take place at the trendiest, most expensive disco in New York. The fun begins when he pulls up to the entrance in a gleaming new Jaguar, accompanied by a bevy of admiring females, who are all blonde statuesque Miss U.S.A. types and all dressed to the hilt. Once inside the disco, Chaz spots his beloved Ryan cozily preoccupied with another man, but that doesn't faze him in the least. Ryan, though, is a little more than shocked to see solid, sensible old Chaz suddenly transformed into a dashing playboy.
    As it turns out, Chaz's entourage is in for a rude awakening, too - namely, when it comes to competing with the petite, raven-haired Ryan for Chaz's attention. In fact, before the evening is over, one of them sulkily pouts, "I don't understand what Chaz sees in that girl anyway...She's not even tall - heck, she's not even blonde!"

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