Cheers, Jeers, From You, the Viewer
Daytime TV Magazine, July 1977
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Ryan's Hope is my favorite show. Kate Mulgrew and Michael Levin are my favorite stars. Hannibal Penny Jr. is the best-looking man on daytime TV.

The creators of the show should be proud, because half of the other soaps are copying them. I like the show because of their realistic approach to everything. There are no far-fetched storylines. I am also happy it's doing well in the ratings. I'm a devoted fan of the show.

A.M. Weary
Montgomery, Alabama

I was shocked to learn that Michael Hawkins was replaced on RH. What are they thinking of? He has been Frank Ryan since July, 1975. Who could possibly do a better job than he has done?

He is a talented, dedicated, and most charming young actor. And he has contributed a great deal to the continuing success of the show. After bringing so much warmth and realism to the role for so long, now someone else inherits it. It is not fair!

E. King
Bronx, New York

So they finally did it - replaced Michael Hawkins. Somehow or other I never really believed that they would because Michael Hawkins is Frank Ryan. And he always will be, no matter who they give the role to.

I admire Michael very much. What a pity to see this sort of thing happen to such a talented and personable actor. He succeeded in creating a character you could believe in.

I hope he will be successful whereever he goes. He certainly will not be forgotten.

E. Begley
Bronx, New York

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