Cheers, Jeers, From You, the Viewer
Daytime TV Magazine, September 1979
Article Provided By Wanda

"What good is it having a Senator in the Ryan family on Ryan's Hope if he can't do something about Delia, like deport her?" H.C., Decatur, Ill.

"What do the Ryans have that big irish wolfhound, Finn McCool, for, if not to sic on Delia?" TJ, Mansfield Ohio.

"I can't wait to see what Delia will do now that she has financial control of Ryan's Bar. Probably bring in pinball machines, belly dancers and a soda fountain." R.N., Duluth, Minn.

"I was astounded that Ilene Kristen, who played Delia on RH for three years, was again passed over for an Emmy nomination. The depth and range of her portrayal was remarkable from the very beginning, and I can only wonder what backstage politics prevented her being named." B.S., Brooklyn, NY.

"I can't argue with either the nominations or the winners this year. they are all fine, deserving performers. But how could they make Helen Gallagher a Best Actress nominee, but put Bernard Barrow, who plays her husband, in Best Supporting category? The same went for John Clark (Best Actor nominee) and his TV wife, Suzanne Rogers (Best Supporting Actress). It's not logical, and insults viewer intelligence." G.W., Vail, Colorado.

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