Delia Finds Jill in Frank's Office
(September 1976)

(Delia enters Frank's outer office and sees his secretary, Georgia.)

DELIA: Hi, Georgia, how you doing? Look, I know Frank's in a meeting, but, I don't know, I though I could do some work. Ah, maybe, make some phone calls...

GEORGIA: Well, I don't know, Mrs. Ryan.

DELIA: Well, let me go in the office, I'll find the call sheets and make some calls.

GEORGIA: Ah, Mrs. Ryan?


GEORGIA: Miss Coleridge is in there.

DELIA: Oh, she is? Thank you, Georgia.

(Delia opens the door and goes in. Jill, who is sitting at Frank's desk working, looks up, sees her, and Delia slams the door.)

JILL: (getting up) Hello, Dee.

DELIA: What are you doing in here?

JILL: I...I came to see Charlie Ferris.

DELIA: Charlie doesn't want you to help him.

JILL: Well, I don't plan to be helping on the campaign, I just brought some information over from the rallies last year.

DELIA: Did you see Frank?

JILL: Yeah, I saw him for a few minutes before he left.

DELIA: Mm-hmm, I guess you were happy to hear that he left me.

JILL: Dee, look, I'm sad that everybody is in such misery. I'm appalled that my brother had such a great part in it.

DELIA: Yeah, your brother. Your brother has caused me more trouble than anything else. I never should have made him a friend. You know, you're standing there like you own this office and my husband! Well, you don't, and you never will.

JILL: Dee, I am not interested in owning Frank.

DELIA: Oh no, you are, and you think you're gonna get him. I'm gonna surprise you.

JILL: Why don't you just let him go?

DELIA: Because, according to my faith, you don't just let your husband go if you have a couple of little problems! Now, that's the way Maeve and Johnny think. Oh, by the way, I don't know if Frank has told you, but Little John and I are staying with them. You know, the Ryans really are a loving family, and I think I'm a big part of them. They just can't do enough for me.

JILL: Boy, Dee, you make such a great effort at having people take care of you. If you only worked half that hard at taking care of yourself, you would be the most self-reliant, happy person in the world!

DELIA: Oh, I love that! I really love that! A rich girl saying that to me Someone who has had everything handed to her! You think you're so superior? You can just stand there and you can count all your money and all your fancy diplomas, and tell yourelf how strong and independent you are! You know, maybe I'm crazy, but Roger and I seem to be the only two people who realize you're very far from being a saint.

JILL: (smirks) Well perhaps that's because Roger and you are two of a kind.

DELIA: I don't want to be with Roger. I want to be with Frank! Now Roger forced me into his...

JILL: (furious) Forced? Oh, come on, Dee! You're not talking to the Ryans now, you're talking to me, and I'm the one that saw the two of you in bed together. Remember?

DELIA: Do you know what I was feeling? I was feeling sick, and I was feeling used! Now, why do you think I came to your apartment and begged you to tell him to leave me alone?

JILL: Okay, Dee, I believe that you wanted it to end. But I also believe that you wanted it to begin.

DELIA: Oh no, no, Roger forced me, right from the beginning.

JILL: (nodding) Alright, alright, you know, I suppose that you have lied so much that you don't even know where the truth begins.

DELIA: I know what the truth is. The truth that I am gona have my baby and my husband. Now, during this campaign, I am gonna have him, and then I'll have him after the campaign. You know, I'm very, very curious about something, Jill: What does it feel like to know that Frank's campaign is the very most important thing to him? You know, if Frank feels he's gonna lose the election, he's gonna stay far away from you. Doesn't that hurt you?

JILLIAN: (turns around) Goodbye, Dee.

DELIA: Don't forget to vote for my husband.

(Delia throws down a campaign flyer and leaves.)

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