Delia Remembers Deciding to "Become a Ryan"
(January 1977)

(Delia has run into the kitchen after Pat and Faith arrived at the bar and announced their engagement. Delia drifts off into a flashback, in which she is in a rundown apartment and clearly dressed for a funeral. She takes off her coat and starts crying. Maeve, also dressed in mourning attire, comes into the room.)

MAEVE: Delia?

DELIA: Maeve, what's gonna happen to me?

MAEVE: Awww, you're gonna be fine, dear. A little sad, but, remember, you've got your brother and all your friends and so many people that care about you.

DELIA: Then why am I so scared?

MAEVE: Well, losing your mother's a terrible loss, particularly right after your Dad. But, that will pass in time. (nods)

DELIA: Could I come live with you?

MAEVE: Oh! Now...

DELIA: No, I wouldn't be any trouble at all! I could...I...I'd clean up and I could do the dishes and I could cook and I wouldn't be any trouble at all!

MAEVE: Shhh...darlin, you wouldn't want to leave your brother alone, would you? Hmmm?

DELIA: No, but I only feel safe when I'm in your house.

MAEVE: (puts her arm around her) Well, that's because our house is your house - and our family is your family - but I don't think living with us would be the answer to your situation, hmm?

DELIA: Maeve, I really want to be a Ryan. I mean, living here isn't the answer for me. I mean, this has never been like a home to me! I mean, I've never had a life here and I want to belong somewhere.

MAEVE: You will, darlin, you will!

DELIA: Maeve, I don't want to be like my mother. I don't want to be old and tired and not to have a husband take care of me. I mean, Maeve, she worked her whole life and this is all she had!

(Delia breaks down.)

MAEVE: (putting her arm around her) Darlin, there were so many expenses, what with your Dad sick and all. But now, now, you have to put that all behind you, hmmm?

DELIA: I could with you.

MAEVE: Delia, you've been an unofficial member of our family since you were six, and you'll always be with us. Now, as far as this place is concerned, I'll send the boys over with some paint and some plaster and they'll make it look fresh and new, hmmm? We'll even put in some plants, if that'll please you.

DELIA: That would be wonderful, thank you.

MAEVE: You're only thirty seconds away; why don't you just consider this apartment as an extension of ours?

DELIA: Why does thirty seconds seem like a hundred miles to me?

MAEVE: Awww! (kisses her forehead) Darlin, it isn't, it isn't. (hugs) We're just around the corner and we love you. You'll always have a place with us.

DELIA: Oh, I wish! I wish....

(She breaks down, and Maeve hugs her. Delia returns to the present when Pat comes into the kitchen after her. There are tears in her eyes.)

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