Matthew, Delia and Steve
Daytime TV Presents Daytime TV
Yearbook, December 1984, Vol 4, No 1
Article Provided By Sabrina

    The Ryan clan and their friends are stupefied over the mysterious gifts they’ve been receiving including genuine crystal bar glasses for Maeve and Johnny and an 18kt gold tongue depressor for Seneca.  Along with each present, the anonymous donor has included an invitation to attend “The Event of the Year.”  Gathered at the Sancerre Hotel, the guests mingle and wonder who their host is.  At the appropriate moment a bride and groom appear with their backs turned.  After completing their vows, the couple face their guests, and the entire room lets out a gasp—it’s Delia!  She’s the mysterious gift-giver, courtesy of her wealthy husband, oilman Matthew Crane.  Although suspicious of her motives, everyone makes the best of the situation and toast to Delia and Matthew.  A few minutes later a maitre d’ informs Delia that there’s a call for her. Picking up the phone Delia is startled to hear Steve, her ex-lover.  “Turn around,” he says.  Delia does so and sees Steve at the pay phone right outside the banquet room.  “I want to meet you tonight,” Steve tells her.  Delia protests that it’s her wedding night, but her passion for Steve wins out.  Later, while Steve and Delia are enjoying their reunion, the hapless bridegroom suffers a stroke.  The hotel maid finds him and he’s rushed to the hospital.  The following morning Delia tiptoes into the suite full of excuses.  “Oh, honey, you wouldn’t believe it,” she calls into the bedroom, “but I went out for a walk, and fell asleep on a park bench.”  Quickly realizing that Matthew’s not around, Delia wonders where he could be when there’s a knock at the door and is surprised to find Bill.  “Your husband has had an attack and he’s at the hospital,” says Bill.  “Matthew?  Oh my god,” cries Delia, grabbing for her purse.  Suddenly, Delia turns as white as a sheet when she sees Matthew’s pills at the bottom of her bag.  Will people think she deliberately hid them from Matthew?  But her thoughts are interrupted by Bill.  “Delia, where were you last night?” asks the police officer.

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