Roger and Delia First Make Love
(March 1976)

(Roger has just opened the door of his apartment to Delia.)

DELIA: I'm five minutes early and I couldn't wait. You know, I feel like a seven year old on my way to a magical birthday party.

ROGER: (closing the door) Well let me assure you that in no way do you resemble a seven year old.

DELIA: Oh, and I have a present for you. See, I went around the block to Angelo's and I got this. (She takes out a grapefruit.) For breakfast.

ROGER: (puts his arm around her) Only one?

DELIA: Oh Roger, you're wicked.

(They laugh and kiss. In the next scene, a fire is going and they are sitting on the couch, drinking wine.)

DELIA: (laughing) You know something? This is the nicest place I've ever been in.

ROGER: I thank you.

DELIA: Not just the furniture or your family's things. I just feel the nicest here.

ROGER: I'm very glad.

DELIA: Oh that reminds me of something crazy!

ROGER: What?

DELIA: Well, when I was in the third grade, we had these dumb readers. But there was this one great story about a brother and sister who had to go live with their wicked, wicked aunt, who made life miserable for them. So they built a tree house and they hid there and put all their special things there. See, I wanted Bobby and I to live in a tree house so badly I could have died. Did you ever have a tree house?


DELIA: See, that's what this apartment is like to me. It's like the way I imagined the tree house to be - someplace where you could be safe, things would be quiet, and you wouldn't have to see everybody, except the one person that you trust and want to be with.

ROGER: I'm glad you trust me.

DELIA: (laughs) You know, I think that you're the best friend I ever had.

ROGER: Really? Is that true?

DELIA: Yes. You see, Bobby would do anything for me, but we would be a hundred years old, and Bobby would still be calling me "Little Delia." (they laugh) Pat, (holds up her finger) Pat's my friend, only I pretend with him.

ROGER: Well how?

DELIA: I don't know. I can't help it. See, I know what he wants me to be and I can't resist.

ROGER: Well, why do you do that?

DELIA: (laughs) To get what I want.

ROGER: I see. What about Frank?

DELIA: See, Frank doesn't know me at all anymore.

ROGER: That is Frank's loss.

(She laughs and kisses him.)

DELIA: This is wonderful.

ROGER: I was just thinking the same thing.

DELIA: Can I have a little more of this drink?

ROGER: Certainly. (he takes her glass, starts pouring) So Frank's really going to run for Congress?

DELIA: (sighs) Yeah. Well he's gonna run for the primary, anyway. I don't know how he can stand this all again - the petitions, the volunteers, no sleep, and the phone ringing off the wall! Frank, Frank loves it.

ROGER: But is he going to win?

DELIA: Frank Ryan always wins, doesn't he?

ROGER: In one sense, yes. (pause) How do you feel about being a Congressman's wife and going to Washington?

DELIA: (shakes her head) You know, to tell you the truth, I don't really like to think about it. It scares me.


DELIA: Because I don't like to meet new crowds of people. See, I don't know what to say to them, so I talk too much.

ROGER: (laughs) Well, that doesn't matter, Dee.

DELIA: Why not?

ROGER: Because girls who look like you don't have to say anything.

(Delia's face suddenly drops.)

DELIA: I hate that.

ROGER: (shocked) What?

DELIA: I hate that! (throws her drink) I hate that, that makes me furious! I thought you were different. I thought you understood me. I thought you liked me, just as a person.

ROGER: Delia, I do!

DELIA: (on the verge of tears) But just because of the way I look, it doesn't matter what the hell I say! I mean, I can be as dippy and as dumb as I want to be, but who cares? Because I have a pretty face and a great body. I'm only good for one thing, so just skip the conversation, baby, and just get on with it.

ROGER: Delia, for crying out loud...

DELIA: (cuts him off) You don't even know what I feel like, do you? I've had this my whole life!!! And I am sick of it! I don't want to get involved with it again.

ROGER: I didn't mean it that way and if you took it that way, I'm very sorry.

DELIA: Believe me, so am I. (she starts putting her shoes on)

ROGER: What do you want me to tell you? That I don't think you're beautiful? I can't pretend that I don't value physical beauty very highly. I do. I always have. But that doesn't mean that I don't think that you're intelligent and clever and sensitive. You are! But now I think you're being overly sensitive!

DELIA: Well, I'm really sorry about that, Roger. Just give me my shoe!

(She tries to grab it out of his hand, but he won't let go.)

ROGER: No, I don't want you to leave!

DELIA: Yeah, I know what you want! Just give me my shoe!

ROGER: I don't like being blamed for other people's mistakes.

(He gives her her shoe and she starts to put it on.)

DELIA: Thank you.

ROGER: Look, I know that you've been exploited and used by some of the men in your life, and I'm sure that there have been times that you hated the way you look because of it. But Delia, that doesn't have anything to do with me!

DELIA: Just tell me one thing: If I was big and fat and ugly, would we be having these lovely get-togethers in your apartment?

ROGER: Probably not.

DELIA: You're damn right!

ROGER: But we wouldn't be having them if you were dumb and stupid, either! Delia, I like all of you.

DELIA: I love the way I look! Alright, I like men to admire me, and I like women to be jealous of me, and I don't have many girlfriends, and you know why? Because they're jealous of me! Because I take care of myself, and I like to dress in what I think I look best in. And I wouldn't do anything any differently! (sighs frustratedly) It just gets me in so much trouble.

ROGER: But is this trouble? You and me?

DELIA: You see, that's what I'm trying to figure out. I really don't know. I mean, at this point, I should do something before it's too late. I think someone likes me for one reason, I find out they like me for another reason. Men just want to go to bed with me, that's all. They don't see beyond that. There's no other thing for me. I think out of bed I must embarass them.

ROGER: You don't embarass people, Dee.

DELIA: Well, what do I do?

ROGER: It's the way you look. It's that you inspire an immediate physical response in people. And you're smart and you know what you want. That's pretty scary!


ROGER: Because you could rule the world.

DELIA: (sighs frustratedly, then hugs him) I can't stay mad at you!

ROGER: Good.

DELIA: But I think I'm going to go home, anyway.

ROGER: Why, if you're not mad?

DELIA: (putting her coat on) Because you're pretty scary yourself. I know it just slipped out, but you meant it, Roger. You meant it, and even though you explained it away and you apologized and really I'm not mad, but you've gotta know that I don't want to be anybody's toy ever again. Look, I need to be taken care of, I can't help that. But I've gotta be respected for what I am.

ROGER: How do I make you understand that that's what I want for you too?

DELIA: I don't know. I really think that I am a lot more than a good body! A lot more! I don't spend hours in the bubble bath, I don't spend hours putting makeup on my face. I was thinking, I was thinking how nice it would be to have some time with you and for us to understand each other and get along and laugh. Look, I wanted to look pretty for you, really. That wasn't the main thing, though. I thought it was just so nice that I thought I had a real friend!

ROGER: We are friends, Dee, very close friends. And you're sensitive and smart and I could cut my tongue out for making such a stupid remark.

DELIA: Look, nobody thinks I'm very smart! Dumb Delia knows that much. You know, you even said it yourself once - I'm nothing more than Frank's vague, baby doll wife.

ROGER: I told you that that was an old impression, and a very wrong one! Delia, that day I felt that I could really be honest with you, and that's something that I've never had with anyone else. It felt so wonderful, just being able to tell you what I was thinking, and that's all very new to me and I'm going to make mistakes. So don't hold it against me, please. Please.

DELIA: (turning away) I don't know what's the matter with me. Look, you didn't even say anything that bad.

ROGER: I did and I'm ashamed of it.

DELIA: I didn't go to college, and I don't think that anybody thinks that I have a brain in my head, and it's very convenient for me. (sits down) It makes life very easy.

ROGER: But deep down inside, you want them to know better.

DELIA: I want you to know better!

ROGER: Delia, I do know! And I'm sorry that I hurt you.

DELIA: I shouldn't have gotten so upset, I'm sorry.

ROGER: What you should have done was throw something at me. I deserved it.

DELIA: You know, you sound like Bobby. I remember that we used to have fights and this is what it reminds me of, and I felt like I didn't have a friend in the world.

ROGER: It's a terrible feeling, Dee, but when you're with me, you're never alone.

DELIA: I just thought that for a minute. It makes me sad.

ROGER: Please, I'm sorry, forgive me.

DELIA: You're sweet. I forgive you.

ROGER: Then you'll stay?

DELIA: (nods reluctantly) Yes.

ROGER: Can I help you with your coat?

(He takes her coat off, and she takes her scarf off and sits back down. He sits down next to her.)

DELIA: I really didn't want to go home. (puts her hand on his shoulder)

ROGER: (smiles) I'm glad.

DELIA: I like you. I like you so much.

(They kiss.)

ROGER: Listen, we don't have to do this. I'll make dinner, if you like.

DELIA: No, no, I like doing this. It's nice.

(She kisses him again.)

DELIA: Do you want me?

ROGER: I want Delia, spirit and body. (running his fingers through her hair) I want my loving special friend.

DELIA: Good, because I really need to be wanted.

(They kiss again.)

DELIA: Roger?


DELIA: Do you want to go to bed with me?

ROGER: Very, very much.

DELIA: Good, because I feel loving and I need to feel close to you. And I want that very much.

(They start to make love. In the next scene, Delia is lying in the bed and Roger comes back to the bed with champagne.)

DELIA: (laughs) Tell me something: Are all doctors such super lovers, or is it just you?

(They kiss.)

ROGER: It's just me. Delia, you are extraordinary.

DELIA: Well, I do my best. (He laughs.) Tired?


DELIA: Good, because we can just lock the doors and nobody can come in.

ROGER: Mmm-hmm.

DELIA: And we can come here day after day after day, and no one will ever find out.

ROGER: Oh, I think it's a beautiful idea, having a long, friendly affair. But don't you think it might be a bit unrealistic?

DELIA: (puts her drink down, and turns away sadly) Uh, yeah, I guess maybe someday you might find a terrific girl whom you might want to marry, but you might lose her if she found out about me. Is that the problem?

ROGER: No, I'm not afraid of losing any girl. I'm just afraid of losing my career. You know, I'm in lots of trouble at the hospital because they think I did something criminal when I borrowed Frank's money.

DELIA: And if they ever found out about you borrowing his wife...

ROGER: Right.

(She kisses his chest.)

ROGER: I'd like for us to have a long, beautiful affair. But I can't risk another scandal. You know, if I can persuade the medical board to renew my contract in June, I'm gonna be the best surgeon Riverside Hospital's ever had, because that's the most important thing in my life, Dee.

DELIA: You know what I think?

ROGER: What?

DELIA: I think that you can have me and your career, because Frank is gonna run for Congress. Now his pretty little wife is part of his public image. Now you care about your career, right? (he nods) See, but Frank's career is his life, and he almost lost that, so maybe he's learned a lesson. Maybe he'll never tell anyone, cause it might ruin his rosy political future. And then we're home free.

ROGER: Why don't we drink to that?

(She gets her glass and they toast.)

ROGER: Home free.

(Delia laughs and downs the drink.)

DELIA: Hmmm!

ROGER: Now you have to break your glass.

DELIA: Mmm. (swallows) No, I only do that when I'm mad.

ROGER: Well then let me fill it up again.

DELIA: Hmmm... No. I think maybe I'd beter find my clothes and go home. Where did you put my shoes?

(She starts kissing his chest.)

ROGER: I'll never tell.

DELIA: Mmmm! Please?

ROGER: No, you have to tell me something first.

DELIA: I don't have much of a choice, do I? (He whispers into her ear and she laughs.) Oh, you devil you. Come here.

(They start kissing again.)

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