Roger's "Toast" to Delia at Ryan's
(New Year's 1977)

(Delia is very miserable at the Ryans' New Year's party, as no one seems willing to talk to her except when they want to keep her away from Pat, when she sees Roger come in the door, grinning.)

ROGER: Hello you happy people! Happy New Year!

(Everyone stops talking suddenly, in shock.)

ROGER: Kevin, would you mind conveying my greetings to the Ryan family? I don't believe they heard me.

KEVIN: I believe they heard you quite clearly, Dr. Coleridge.

PAT: (to Mary and Faith) Tell me he's not worth throwing out.

MARY: He's not even worth the attention you've already given him.

(Roger walks past them.)

ROGER: Happy New Year, little sister. Excuse me.

(He goes over to Delia.)

DELIA: (terrified) I'm sorry, Roger.

ROGER: Why don't you tell me all about it in the kitchen?

DELIA: I wish I could. I can't. I have to help Johnny.

ROGER: Well, if you don't mind everyone overhearing what I have to say, it's perfectly alright.

(She leads him into the kitchen.)

DELIA: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I'm miserable because I hurt you and that's the last thing in the world I wanted to do.

ROGER: What happened, Delia?

DELIA: Well, I got scared. See, I was in the cabin, all by myself, and I was thinking about little John, and I couldn't leave him, and I was too far away, so I panicked. Do you forgive me?

ROGER: Well I got scared too, but after you left. You see, the entire ship was searched, and for two hours I thought maybe you were lost or hurt or maybe even overboard. When I discovered that your suitcase was gone, you can imagine my relief, and my confusion.

DELIA: I know, I was really confused too! And I know I was being awful and it was crazy for me to leave without a note but, see, I looked out the porthole and I saw the last gangplank being pulled in, and I don't know, I just picked up my bags and I ran.

ROGER: That's funny, that's not the way I heard it.

DELIA: What do you mean?

ROGER: Well, according to my sister, Pat came onboard, persuaded you to change your mind, and escorted you back home.

DELIA: Your sweet sister and her big mouth! She just couldn't wait to tell you, could she! I mean, she really didn't have to do that! I mean, why did you let me go on like that if you knew that Pat came there?

ROGER: Because I wanted to hear what kind of story you'd come up with, and you did very well!

DELIA: Would you let me explain it to you?

ROGER: No, no, that won't be necessary.

DELIA: See, I just want you to know that my leaving didn't have anything to do with Pat coming in, okay? I had made up my mind before that, alright? I swear!

ROGER: So Pat just showed up out of the clear blue, just in time to help you carry your bags?

DELIA: Yeah, I died when he walked in, I really did.

ROGER: And all that watching out the porthole? You were looking for Pat.

DELIA: No, no!

ROGER: Your panic when the ship's whistle blew; your questions to the steward? Oh, uh, you said, "Graham, if a very important visitor showed up, would he be allowed onboard?" Now, you weren't talking about Pat?


ROGER: And the note that you left the Ryan family, it didn't by chance say exactly when and where you'd be leaving the country? You didn't by chance want to go by ship to give Pat ample time to rescue you? What's wrong, honey? You run out of lies?

DELIA: (near tears) You're twisting everything around! I'm telling you the truth here!

(He grabs her hair.)

ROGER: Except for one moment in that cabin, you have told me nothing but lies! You conned a con man, baby! Exactly one thing that you said was honest, and that's that you don't deserve my love! And you don't deserve the life that I wanted to give you! And that's really a shame, sweetheart, because we could have had one hell of a life together.

(He grabs her arm and drags her out into the bar.)

ROGER: Ladies and gentleman! Ladies and gentleman, please! Tonight, I would like to pay homage to a very special person. She's part child, part goddess, and all witch. I give you Delia Reid Ryan!

(He lifts up her arm as she hangs her head down in embarassment and fear.)

ROGER: And may God help you all.

(He takes a drink from a glass and walks out, leaving everybody silent. Humiliated, Delia walks to the sidelines.)

JOHNNY: (with feigned cheer) Alright, everybody, let's get this show back on the road! Somebody turn up that jukebox, will you? And everybody, let's get back to the business of welcoming in the New Year right! Refills everybody!

(With her back to the crowd, Delia starts crying.)

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