TV's Greatest Love Triangles
Delia Reid/Roger/Maggie Coleridge
Saop Opera Digest, March 24, 1987
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Dear Miss Demeanor,

Scheming has gotten me nowhere so I'm turning to you. You see, I love Roger Coleridge desperately. The problem is, he's married to this flake, Maggie. To make matters worse, she is pregnant. I know Roger still has a thing for me. Sure, Maggie has the looks but there's nothing upstairs, if you catch my drift. I know she isn't capable of loving Roger the way I am - and Roger should know this, too. Afterall, we were married once. I don't know why I ever let him get away. Now I want him back but I can't seem to get him. What's my next move?

Won't Give Up
Delia Reid, Riverside

Gentle Reader,

The writing is on the wall. Though, Roger may always have "a thing" for you, it isn't love. Stop annoying him. Stop interfering in his marriage. Stop eating those chocolate covered cherries. Miss Demeanor wants you to learn to put the past behind you. Leave your ex-husbands alone. Find a new place to live and make some new friends. It would also be helpful to realize that the world does not revolve around you.

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