Afternoon TV Magazine, October 1978
by Merrill Cherlin
Article Provided By Wanda

The Grand Ballroom of the New York Hilton Hotel was the scene for the fifth annual Emmy Awards for daytime Programming on June 7th.....

Every year the nominations and awards are controversial, and this year was no exception. Laurie Heineman, though an admittedly fine actress, won for a role ended in March, 1977. Andrew Robinson was nominated for his role on Ryan’s Hope though he, too, has departed, while the luminous Kate Mulgrew, who turned in one magnificent performance after another, was not.

Also at Ryan’s Hope, the bewitching Ilene Kristen, whose work in a consistenly demanding role continues to amaze us, was ignored - again.......

Insiders were convinced Larry Keith had the Emmy all locked up. He and Susan Lucci have ignited the screen this past year. Michael Levin, with the benefit of some wonderful “basement” scenes with Kate Mulgrew, seemed to be the strongest competition. But Jim Pritchett has been with The Doctors for 15 years and has been the cornerstone of the show, making his Emmy that much more understandable.......

Super witches Iris Bancroft and Delia Ryan (Beverlee McKinsey and Ilene Kristen) paired as presenters - what a combination!

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