The Final Episode
(January 13, 1989)

Act V: Ryan's

(Siobhan and Fenno are in the kitchen.)

SIOBHAN: I'm terrified.

FENNO: Well, you think I'm not? It's a huge risk, for both of us.

Siobhan and Fenno


FENNO: Yes, it's a huge risk, or yes, you'll do it?

SIOBHAN: (smiles) Both.


(He smiles. Out in the bar, Roger and Delia have confronted Maggie.)

DELIA: Maggie, this is my family's bar, and I'm asking you to leave!

Roger, Maggie, and Delia

MAGGIE: I'm not impressed, Delia. I'm not leaving Ryan's and I'm not leaving New York.


ROBERT: (coming up behind her) Neither am I, Dee. It looks to me like you're going to need a friend.

(He takes Delia's hand and kisses it.)

DELIA: (incensed) You know, they say when civilized behavior doesn't work, use muscle.

(She goes over to the bar, where Bob is looking intently at a newspaper, and puts her head on his shoulder and turns on the tears.)

Bob and Delia

DELIA: Bobby, I've gotta talk to you.

BOB: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

DELIA: What?

BOB: Take this (hands her a ticket) and compare it with this (points to the newspaper) and tell me - am I crazy? Huh?

(She reads in disbelief.)

Bob and Delia

DELIA: (stunned) Bobby?

BOB: Yeah?

DELIA: You just won the lottery!

BOB: (in shock, grinning) Yeah? Yeah? (laughs with joy)

(Over at a table, Sister Mary Joel, Jill, and Maeve are sitting. Johnny, Frank, Father McShane, Zena, Rae, Jack, and Leigh are standing around the table.)

Johnny, Frank, Fr. McShane, Zena, Rae, Jack, Leigh, Maeve, Jill, Sr. Mary Joel

JACK: Maeve?

MAEVE: Yes, dear?

JACK: One favor, before we go?

Chaz, Jack, Matthew, and Leigh

MAEVE: What is that?

JACK: Danny Boy?

RAE: Aww!

MAEVE: Would I deny you?

(Everyone laughs as Maeve gets up.)

Johnny, Frank, Fr. McShane, Zena, Rae, Chaz, Maeve, Jill, Sr. Mary Joel

(As Maeve makes her way to the bar, Pat manages to locate Faith, who is talking with Kevin.)

KEVIN: I'm gonna go get some more cake.

FAITH: It was delicious.

PAT: Faith.

FAITH: (anxiously) Hi.

PAT: You've been avoiding me.

FAITH: (shaking her head) No!

PAT: Yes.

FAITH: (can't deny it) Yes.

PAT: I have to ask you this. I know you don't want me to, but I don't really have any choice.

(She has a look of dread on her face.)

PAT: Would you look at me, please? (she turns to face him) Is Grace my daughter?

(She does not answer with words, but her face pretty much gives her away. Meanwhile, Frank and Johnny help Maeve up onto the bar.)

Frank, Maeve, and Johnny

JOHNNY: Ladies and gentleman? Your kind indulgence, please!

MAEVE: Yes, indulgence is what we need here.

JOHNNY: I give you Maeve Colleary Ryan.

(Everyone applauds. The camera goes back to Faith and Patrick.)

FAITH: (smiles nervously) Wait, Maeve's about to sing.

(She walks away, leaving Pat frustrated. Maeve starts to sing.)

Maeve singing on the bar

MAEVE: (singing) Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling, from glen to glen, and down the mountanside.

Jillian, Sister Mary Joel, Delia, Leigh, Roger, Lizzie, John, Evan, and Maggie

MAEVE: (singing) The summer's gone, and all the roses fallen, tis you, tis you must go and I must bide. But come ye back, when summer's in the meadow, or when the valley's hushed and white with snow...

Frank, Jill, and Johnny

MAEVE: (singing) Tis I'll be here, in sunshine or in shadow, oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so. And when you come... (spoken) Come on, sing!

(Everyone joins in.)

CROWD: (singing) ...and all the roses falling...

(At this point, Jack closes his eyes sadly, obviously thinking about Mary.)

Bob, Leigh, Chaz, Katherine, and Jack

CROWD: (singing) ...and I am dead, as dead I well may be...

(Delia stops singing and blinks away a tear.)


(Maeve notices and points at her.)

Johnny, John, Lizzie, Evan, Leigh, Delia, Roger, Sr. Mary Joel, Jill, Frank

(Delia smiles sadly and starts singing again at Maeve's prompting.)

CROWD: (singing) Then come and find, the place where I am lying, and kneel and say an ave there for me.

(At this point, the editing is such that we see Maeve singing, superimposed on top of the crowd singing. She is crying and her voice cracking while she sings along with the crowd.)

Maeve and the crowd

CROWD: (singing) And I will hear, though soft ye tread above me...

CROWD: (singing) ...and all my dreams will warm and sweeter be, for I will bend, and tell you that I love you, and I will sleep in peace until you come to me.

MAEVE: Have a good life.


(The show ends with a freeze frame of Maeve as the crowd applauds.)

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