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Maeve and Johnny Hear Frank and Delia Argue
(January 1976)

Maeve Then Goes to Console Delia

Maeve Advises Delia to Be Patient With Frank
(February 1976)

Delia Vents to Maeve About Gender Double
Standards (March 1976)

St. Patrick's Day 1976

Maeve and Johnny Must Deal With Ed's Death and
Mary Moving Out in the Same Night (March 1976)

Maeve and Johnny Argue About Mary

After Jack Punches Johnny, He Puts a Punching
Bag in the Kitchen, Much to Maeve's Chagrin :-)

April 1976

Mary, Pat and Frank Sing to Maeve
on Mother's Day 1976

While Discussing Wedding Plans, Maeve Shows
Mary Her Wedding Outfit (June 1976)

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