Nicolette Goulet:
My Mother, My Father and Me
Daytime TV Magazine, July 1979
by Michael Denis
Article Provided By Wanda

The two most important people in Nicolette Goulet's life are her father, singing star Robert Goulet, and her mother, actress Louise Nicole, for whom she  was named.

They've been a great source of loving support since Nicolette took over the key role of Mary Ryan Fenelli on Ryan's Hope early this year.

Robert, who has been a matinee idol on the stage and screen for some twenty years, is full of knowledgeable advice. He's watched her on the show, and says she's 'doing well.'  He knows the tension of TV production (this is Nicolette's first TV role ever), and has told her, 'if you ever get uncomfortable in a scene, look at the person you're talking to.  It will give you something to focus on, and will help steady your nerves.'

But,  if Nicolette was nervous, it certainly wasn't apparent to either the TV viewer, or her own colleagues on Ryan's Hope. She's a very poised, articulate young lady, who laughs easily and likes people.

She is proud of having a famous father, but has worked hard to earn her own way in her profession. She realizes that it 'didn't hurt being Bob Goulet's daughter' but insists 'you can't do a job on a name.'

Her credentials cover a broad show business spectrum, from performances in Barefoot in the Park to Hay Fever to backup singer in Las Vegas productions, to appearances in dinner theater shows and summer stock. And, between acting assignments, she's served as a manufacture's representative for several cosmetics firms.

She's glad that music and singing are playing a greater role on Ryan's Hope than ever before. Being 1/32 Irish on her father's side, she enjoys joining in with Helen Gallagher and John Gabriel whenever there's a tune from the Old Sod to be sung. She studied voice at Toronto's Conservatory for Music, her dad's own alma mater.

Born into an 'all Canadian' family on a June 5 in Toronto, she moved to the U.S. when she was 4, and has lived in New York and Las Vegas.  Show business has been in her blood, she claims, since she was a 'mere tot'.  She studied theater briefly at Manhattan's Marymount College, leaving to learn by 'doing.'  She worked with her dad in his Las Vegas show, a real-life school, better than any course she could take.

"If I wasn't an actress I'd probably want to work with children or animals," says this outgoing charmer.  She dreams of owning a place with 'hordes of horses, cats, goats and kids' someday.  Meanwhile, she's content with a bachelor-girl apartment in Manhattan, shared with her cat, Rocky, and her dog, Portia.

Her mom, actress-model Louise Nicole (Robert Goulet's first wife), has an open, honest, relationship with Nicolette. It's based on mutual respect and friendship. 'She never tells me what to do,' Nicolette explains fondly. 'But her advice is always so good. I usually wind up doing what she says!'

She's thrilled her mom came into town especially to be with her when she was starting in her Mary Fenelli role. Together, they have become fans of Ryan's Hope and watch it devotedly. 'At first, I wanted to schedule it so I would only watch my own scenes,  to see how I was doing,' admits Nicolette. 'But now I've become hooked.'

If her parents have given her sound acting guidelines and comfort, it was one of her future castmates who saw her as a potential Ryan.

'John Gabriel had worked with my dad, and knew my work, too.  So, when they were casting for a new Mary he called me and said he thought it was the right part for me.'

And, of course, he was absolutely right.

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