Ron Hale: Fast Times at Ryan's Hope!
Daytime TV Magazine, November 1977
by Beth Sherman
Article Provided By Wanda

When some actors leave the studio, they go home and collapse. But Ryan's Hope star Ron Hale (Roger) likes to live dangerously. He's raced cars, revved motorcycles, and recently got hooked on speedboats.

"They go about 130 miles an hour," says Ron. "It's very fast, very exciting. The feeling of speed on water is incredible. Besides, it's probably a lot safer than slam dancing," he laughs.

Ron also has no trouble nagivating through stormy waters backstage. An orignal star of Ryan's Hope since 1975, he's seen the axe fall on many of his castmates and survived numerous storyline changes. Through it all, he's kept his cool.

"Thing usually roll off my back," he says calmly.  "Except when it comes to really important things that I feel are worth fighting for. If I see my character Roger do a 180 degree turn which doesn't make any sense, then I get my Irish up and tell the writers. Or if someone interfers with the people I love, my family, I have no tolerance, and I lose my temper."

Ron and his wife, Dood, live in a a small town 60 miles north of New York City where they've raised three children. Their youngest son, Piper (17), plans on becoming a chef; Dana (19) is studying to be a boat builder and Erin (21)is majoring in technical theater in college.

"I figure one of them will hit it big for sure," laughs Ron. "Piper can open a restaurant on a dock and his brother, Dana, will build him this beautiful boat to house it in. Erin will be in charge of the lighting and I'll sit on the end of the dock in my rocking chair with a fishing pole in one hand and a nice cold beer in the other!"

In the meantime, Ron and Dood are enjoying the simple pleasures of country living. When he's not commuting to work, Ron putters in the garden, weeding, tilling and tending the soil. "The best part of all is the quiet, " he says. "Being able to walk out at night and look up at the stars. Getting up early in the morning and feeding the birds. Doing things together that are healthy. That's what it's all about."

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