Maeve Gets Jack to Hold His Daughter
(August 1977)

(Maeve is with a sleeping Ryan in her living room when the phone rings. She runs to answer it quickly so Ryan doesn't wake up.)

MAEVE: Hello?

JACK: (on the other end) Maeve, it's Jack.

MAEVE: (stunned) Oh, how are you, Jack?

JACK: Frustrated. Look, I'm trying to find out what's going on with Pat and this hearing. Is it today?

MAEVE: Well, yes, as a matter of fact, it's in a few minutes. How on earth did you hear about that?

JACK: Delia.

MAEVE: Oh, dear heaven!

JACK: Oh, no, that's okay. This is a story that I want to follow up. But, Delia can't tell it straight. She just dithers and whines. And Tom Desmond hasn't been much better.

MAEVE: You've been to the hospital, eh?

JACK: I'm here right now, but people grow strangely silent when they see me. Could, uh, could you fill me in?

MAEVE: About Pat?

JACK: Yeah. Yeah, if you know anything.

MAEVE: Well, I do. I've just spoken with him.

JACK: I could hang around Beaulac's office, but his secretary won't let me past the hallway.

MAEVE: (looks at Ryan, starts to get an idea) Well, I don't suppose you'll get much from them.


MAEVE: Well, Jack, I'll share with you what I know, as long as you promise to use it responsibly.

JACK: I will. I would like to help Pat, particularly if he's being pushed around, like Delia said.

MAEVE: Well, yes, there is an element of that.

JACK: How do you mean? (stops) Uh, go slow, I want to take some notes.

MAEVE: (staring at Ryan) Well, it's a very complicated situation, see. Why don't you come over here, and then I can start right from the beginning and explain the whole thing to you, alright?

JACK: I can't do that.

MAEVE: Mary? Oh, Mary's at work.

JACK: Johnny?

MAEVE: No, Johnny's gone for the day, as it happens.

JACK: Maeve...I don't think so. Uh...if somebody walks in...

MAEVE: No, darling, there's nobody walking around here but me. Come on up the front stairs, that way you won't even have to see Kevin. Alright? (pause) Jack, I can't hold up this phone much longer!

JACK: Alright, I'll be there.

MAEVE: (grinning) Fine.

(She hangs up and goes to pick up Ryan.)

MAEVE: Come on, darling, we're gonna have to get you spruced up, cause your Dad is coming.

(She carries her into the other room. In the next scene, Maeve opens the door to Jack.)

MAEVE: Well, hello there.

JACK: Hi. Is it okay?

MAEVE: Oh, you mean to come in? Oh yes, the coast is clear.

JACK: I'm sorry about Pat. It sounds like he's been left holding the bag.

MAEVE: Well, not really, I mean, he's made his mistakes.

JACK: Yeah, sure, that's cause he pushes himself. The hospital uses guys like him to work a two or three...

(Jack stops short when he sees Ryan.)

MAEVE: Can I help it that the child is awake? She won't be bothering us! Come on, sit down, for heaven's sake!

(He sits down on the couch next to Ryan.)

JACK: (anxious) Does she have to be in here?

MAEVE: Well, she gets lonesome in the other room, particularly if Little John's taking a nap.

JACK: She cries?

MAEVE: No, no, no, she talks, she talks to her mobile or whatever, and then before you know it Little John's awake before he ought to be.

JACK: What do you mean, she talks?

MAEVE: Well, baby noises. You know, babbling and cooing and what-not.

JACK: Well, isn't she a little young for that?

(He gazes in awe at Ryan.)

MAEVE: Oh yes, indeed, she's a good deal young for it. I don't know, I scratch it up to the Leboyer method or her, or probably a combination of both. She's doing things long before any of mine did them. (nods) I just, I have a hunch she's very bright.

JACK: Well, that's...that's good.

(He turns away from Ryan suddenly.)

JACK: So what about Tom? (realizing he made a slip of the tongue) Uh, uh, Pat. I just had a run-in with Tom Desmond at the hospital and I didn't tell him off the way I should have, I guess it's still on my mind.

MAEVE: (nods) Ahhh...

(Maeve winks at Ryan.)

JACK: He's a royal pain.

MAEVE: Why, because he won't talk to you about Pat's troubles? Oh, well, I mean, his job at the hospital...

JACK: His job's a joke. He's an idiot.

MAEVE: Well, I have a rather different impression.

JACK: That's fine. You're welcome to him. I'm sure he's already a member of the family. (to Ryan) "Desmond," you like that name?

MAEVE: Why do you say that?

JACK: No reason. You know what Mary's put in the divorce agreement? A clause stipulating that she can change the baby's name without consulting me if she remarries.

MAEVE: Oh, well, she didn't mean that to hurt you!

JACK: I'm not hurt. I don't even care, really. (looking at Ryan) It's just unnecessary, that's all. Since when does a divorce set up 400 new rules and regulations? You want to drop Fenelli? Go ahead, simple, just drop it, you don't have to stipulate it. You want to live your own life? Terrific! Mary wants to marry some creep? That's alright too...

(He stops suddenly, and turns from Ryan.)

JACK: Can you get her out of here?

MAEVE: (gets up) Oh, of course, of course. (picks up Ryan) Here we are. Ohhh, oh...

(She suddenly stops walking towards the baby and goes over to Jack and hands him the baby.)

MAEVE: I forgot to change the sheets on the bed.

JACK: (horrified) Maeve!

MAEVE: Just for a couple of minutes. She'll be alright, she'll be fine.

(She leaves the room, leaving Jack holding Ryan.)

JACK: I don't...I don't even know how to hold you. I do like you, I want you to understand that.

(He holds her hand. Maeve, meanwhile, is not changing sheets, but standing in the doorway watching. She looks moved. He kisses her forehead and puts her up against his shoulder. He seems to be enjoying her company, then she cries and he suddenly freaks.)

JACK: Maeve! Maeve?

(He is holding her away from himself at this point. Maeve comes into the room.)

MAEVE: Oh yes, dear I didn't mean to be so long.

(She takes the baby.)

JACK: Look, I've gotta go! I just thought of something. I'll talk to you later, I'll call you about Pat!

MAEVE: Oh, darling, if you'd just stay for a few minutes...

(He runs out the door, and Maeve holds Ryan, kissing her forehead.)

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