Mary and Jack After He Has Moved Out of Ryan's
(February 1977)

(Jack is in his and Mary's apartment, sitting on the bed and writing, when the door opens and Mary walks in. For a moment they don't say a word.)

MARY: (breaking the silence) You know, this is scaring me half to death.

JACK: I'm sorry, Mary. I know this is hurting but it's the only thing I can do.

MARY: Are you saying that I can't come back here with you?

JACK: Oh, Mary, haven't I done enough? Can't you stay with your mother and father in that big apartment where everybody loves you and looks after you?

MARY: I could stay there, sure. The question is, do I have a choice?

JACK: Why do you want to make me say it?

MARY: Because I'm hoping you won't. Because I don't see any reason why I should make it any easier for you, if you're gonna break my heart.

JACK: It's better if I'm by myself, that's all.

MARY: Better? For who? And who decides? Do I get a vote?

JACK: I have to do this my own way. It's the only way I know.

MARY: Does that mean you don't want me?

JACK: It means I don't want to go on inflicting all my...inadequacies on you.

MARY: Did I ever tell you you were inadequate? When? When did I, Jack?

JACK: It was a mistake, Mary. It isn't any good. You have to let go.

MARY: (sitting down next to him) I think it's very good and I'm not gonna let go. And since when did you decide to make my decisions for me? I used to be pretty independent, you said you liked me that way.

JACK: You make the decisions because you're Mary Ryan. Mary Ryan's true blue. And I'm not. I'm not the kind of husband you want me to be. I can't be the kind of father you want me to be. I can't be a member of the Ryan family. The longer we go on pretending, the worse it's gonna get.

MARY: A long time ago, I asked you if we were ever going to be able to fit our marriage into your apartment. (on the verge of tears) I guess maybe that was the wrong question. What I should have asked was how you were ever gonna fit me into your life?

JACK: I wanted there to be room. I love you.

MARY: Oh Jack!

JACK: It doesn't mean I won't hurt you over and over again. I'm not gonna stay around and do that.

MARY: Did it ever occur to you that you may be hurting me now, more than anything else you could ever do?

JACK: I can do worse than this.

MARY: I love you. And I'm starting my seventh month with your child. And all I want is to have that baby and for the three of us to be a family together. And I don't want to have to beg for it!

JACK: (whispers) I don't want you to beg.

MARY: Then what? Tell me what to do, cause I'll do anything!

JACK: I know this is mean and miserable and rotten, but I'm gonna do it once, now, quickly, instead of slowly by degrees until you're so disillusioned, you'll welcome every time I walk out the door. I'm gonna save you the trouble.

MARY: (stunned) Oh my God!

JACK: What?

MARY: All the time we were going together, you were always so sure that I wouldn't put up with you, that I'd walk away like your mother did and Sister Mary Joel and Sarafina. (holding back tears) Are you're still afraid that I'm going to leave you, and there's only one way to prevent that - by you leaving first?

(He does not answer.)

MARY: Oh Jack!

(She leaves, and after she is gone we see a tear come out of his eye.)

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