Jack Translates La Boheme for Mary
(May 1977)

(Jack is being released from the hospital after his impotency surgery and has stated that he wants no help from Mary or her family in getting home. So, of course, Mary has snuck into his apartment to clean it up and bring groceries, after sending Bob to the hospital to persuade Jack to let him drive him home. While cleaning, Mary finds the soundtrack of La Boheme among Jack's things and starts playing it. She is so exhausted that she has fallen asleep on the bed when Jack and Bob arrive.)

JACK: (shocked to hear the music, then sees Mary) For the love of...

(He goes over and stares at her, as Bob puts down the bag.)

JACK: So it was a setup.

BOB: No, Jack, I think she just came down to straighten everything up, get a little food in the house, you know? Look, I'm gonna see you later, okay?

JACK: Yeah, Bob. Uh, thanks...for the ride.

(Bob leaves. Mary finally wakes up, and Jack smiles at her.)

JACK: It's a little much, don't you think?

MARY: What?

JACK: Do you know what they're singing?

MARY: No. The record was on the phonograph when I came in. I just turned it on while I was cleaning.

JACK: You put dinner on the stove?

MARY: Yeah.

JACK: And got yourself all arranged on the bed...

MARY: Oh, I didn't mean to fall asleep.

JACK: Thank you, for...everything.

MARY: You're welcome.

JACK: And the car service.

MARY: Oh, is Bob here?

JACK: He left.

MARY: Well, I didn't want you to try to come home alone. How are you?

JACK: Fine.

MARY: So, tell me what they were singing.

JACK: "Sempre tua per la vita." I'm yours forever. "Ci lasceremmo." We'll wait til springtime. "Ci lasceremmo al stagione dio fior." We'll wait til springtime, before we say goodbye. "Vorrei chi eterno dora se inverno." If only winter would last forever. "Ci lasceremmo al stagione dio fior." We'll wait til springtime, before we say goodbye.

MARY: (moved) I didn't know. The difference is, I don't ever want to say goodbye. Jack, could I stay now?

(This is the end of the episode and, the next day, the scene picks up with Mary being played by a temporary sub, Robin-Mary Paris.)

MARY: Jack, let me stay!

JACK: (shakes his head) No.

MARY: You want me to!

JACK: That's why you're here, isn't it? To ask me again?

MARY: No, I didn't know I was going to ask. I mean, I came because it was your first day home from the hospital and I just wanted to straighten the place up and get a meal together for you.

JACK: And slip silently away, huh? The pot on the stove - you're gonna tell me that that's dinner for one?

MARY: Honey, you can't make stew for one! Alright, look, you could freeze the rest. I mean, listen, you can't suspect everything. I mean, the food's just a...welcome home. The same goes for the record I had on. Alright, La Boheme's your favorite opera; I didn't play it to make you feel sentimental about us. And, Lord knows, the only reason I'm on the bed is because I fell asleep waiting for you. I mean, I wasn't staging anything. I honestly didn't realize how much I want to stay. (laughs) Every time I turn around, you know, it's pregnancy, all the hormones. Uhmm...I'm not plotting and screaming, really.

JACK: I...I guess I believe you about the bed. You were sound asleep. You haven't tried to seduce me.

MARY: Well, not on your first day back, and not in the shape I'm in.

JACK: You're in beautiful shape.

MARY: (smiles) Thank you.

(He goes over to the window.)

MARY: Well, I'd better make sure the stew isn't cooking too fast.

(She goes over to the kitchenette.)

JACK: Go home, Mary. Go away.

MARY: What?

(He goes over to her.)

MARY: It's so good seeing you moving around. How's it feel?

JACK: Sore - my back's stiffened up after so many days in bed. Other than that, I feel fine.

MARY: Oh, you want a backrub? It's nothing personal, you understand. Okay, so why don't you just go lie down and rest and I'll mind the stove?

JACK: You can't stay. You're not gonna live here.

MARY: Well, you wouldn't believe what a home this is to me.

JACK: Why? Why do you try to make us both bleed so much every time?

MARY: I don't think I'm doing that! God, it feels more like I'm holding on! I'm loving you and I'm holding on and hoping that it just gets harder and harder for you to send me away!

JACK: It's doing that alright, but it ain't gonna make any difference, because my mind is made up. It's just a great waste - the marriage is over.

MARY: I'm sorry you're hurt, I don't want that.

JACK: God, now you're apologizing to me! It's terrific, just terrific! Just a few minutes ago you were thanking me for some pathetic little compliment! It was the first nice thing I'd said to you in weeks! Would you get out of here? Are you out of your head? All I give you is nothin', absolutely nothing but pain.

MARY: No! Much more love than pain. (laughs) Oh, Jack!

(She hugs him. The subtle version of the instrumental Mary's Theme begins playing in the background music.)

MARY: Just one minute, please? I'm just holding on!


MARY: Just to be close to you. Like this, even with a little person between us, it's all I want.


MARY: (pulling away) Hey, look, I love you! Please, let me stay? Just let me leave from here to have the baby, and wake up with me when I go into labor in the middle of the night? Come with me to the hospital, and just help me bring the baby home, here, our home!

JACK: Ssshhh... This is asking for trouble. It's stupid. Now, I want you to get your bag and...whatever, and go home to your family, to your mother.

MARY: Oh, I don't want my mother!

JACK: (putting his hands on her face) What you want is somebody you can count on, and that's Maeve. Go on. Come on!

MARY: Alright, for now.

JACK: Go on.

MARY: Look, if you need anything...

JACK: I'm fine. I'll be fine!

MARY: Well, look, if I get to the hospital before I see you again, I'll have somebody call you, so you can meet me there.

JACK: Look, don't count on me for anything, huh?

MARY: I love you.

(He closes the door, and looks very sorry to have done so, while Mary looks hopeful about how close she came to getting through to him on the other side.)

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