SoapNet Promo for Jack and
Mary's Reunion (April 2001)

Jack gives Mary earrings on Christmas 1975

MARY: Oh, Jack!

ANNOUNCER: You experienced their courtship, and watched as they fell in love.

Jack and Mary fall into bed

ANNOUNCER: You lived their wedding...

Mary feeds Jack wedding cake

ANNOUNCER: ...and felt their heartbreak.

Jack first sees baby Ryan

MARY: (near tears) You needn't ever think of me or your daughter again.

Mary Jack

ANNOUNCER: Now, Jack and Mary are reunited.

Jack and Mary

Jack, Mary, and Ryan


JACK: Now that I know the kind of husband I want to be, I just hope I can do it.

Wedding Vows

MARY: I Mary take you Jack...

Johnny and Maeve at the wedding

ANNOUNCER: A second chance at love, on Ryan's Hope.

The wedding congregation

Little John and Ryan

FATHER McSHANE: God bless the Fenelli family!

Father McShane

Jack and Mary

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