Jill Tells Seneca She's Beginning to Understand Him
(June 1976)

(Seneca and Jill are in the courtroom. His case has just gone to the jury, and Jill has gotten the judge to release him on his own recognizance until the verdict comes back. The judge leaves and court is adjourned.)

JILL: (packing her briefcase) Well, I guess we've done all we can here.

SENECA: Can we leave now? Is that what all that was about?

JILL: Sitting around waiting for a jury to return can be absolute torture. I didn't think you needed that.

SENECA: (slightly awkward) Considering that I just did exactly what you warned me against doing from the very beginning, that's really very kind of you. I thought you'd be absolutely furious.

JILL: Well, I should be. I don't even know why I'm not.

SENECA: At least the jury really knows what happened now. I have that satisfaction, anyway.

JILL: You are a strange man.


JILL: You can't compromise at all, can you?

SENECA: Oh, I think I can.

JILL: Oh, no!

SENECA: Now, I don't see myself as unreasonable.

JILL: (laughs in exasperation) Of course you don't. If you did, you'd do something about it. But you are. I mean, you were determined to live up to a promise that you made to Nell, and nothing was gonna stop that.

SENECA: Well, in that once instance...

JILL: Oh, and you were determined to tell the jury what happened in that hospital room, and nothing was gonna stop that.

SENECA: You almost did.

JILL: I certainly spent an awful lot of time trying.

SENECA: Did the jury understand what I was saying?

JILL: (with compassion) Of course they understood you. (not gloating at all, but instead regretful) But I'm afraid you were so wrapped up in Nell and why you did what you did, that you didn't understand the law very well.

SENECA: (nodding) No, I think I do.

JILL: (laughs with irritation) No compromise, even now?

SENECA: (sure of himself) Well, how can I compromise by saying I don't understand the law when I believe I do?

JILL: You know, for the first time, I'm really beginning to understand why you had all those fights with Nell.

SENECA: You are?

JILL: Yes, because in addition to being unable to compromise, you are also one of the most opinionated males I've ever met. You must have driven her half crazy.

SENECA: (with regret) Yeah, at times, I guess I did.

JILL: Well, don't feel too bad. (smiles) She was a very lucky woman.

SENECA: How can you say that when you just finished shredding my character?

JILL: (smiles) Because I think that you probably loved her with that same uncompromising intensity, and that must have been very wonderful for her.

SENECA: That's really very kind of you. Thank you very much.

JILL: Don't thank me. I meant it.

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