Seneca Tells Jillian He Wants to Be More Than Friends
(August 1976)

(Seneca and Jillian are having dinner at a restaurant. They make a toast.)

JILLIAN: To the intelligence and compassion of the medical board at Riverside Hospital, for having the good sense to keep Seneca Beaulac on staff.

SENECA: (laughs) I'll certainly drink to that.

(They clink glasses, and there is a foreboding pause.)

JILLIAN: What is it?

SENECA: I like to look at you, that's all.

(She laughs.)

SENECA: Sorry about what's going on with Frank and Delia, because I know you really love him, and I don't see any happiness for you in that direction. I want you to think about something.


SENECA: You may find a more suitable and happier alternative with me.

(Jillian clearly doesn't know what to say. In the next scene, they come into her apartment and she turns on the lights.)

JILLIAN: I want to thank you for bringing me home early. It was really a lovely dinner.

SENECA: Well, thank you for helping me celebrate. Staying on at Riverside Hospital means a great deal to me, even if I can't be involved in patient care.

JILLIAN: Well, you'll be the best administrator the department's ever had, and I can't believe that you won't get your license back sooner or later. Is something wrong?

SENECA: (smiles) On the contrary.


SENECA: You have the most incredible face. It shows everything.

JILLIAN: Well I hope not.

SENECA: It's like a clear pond with ripples of emotions constantly moving over it.

JILLIAN: I know that is meant as a compliment, but is there any way I could persuade you to focus a little less attention on me?

SENECA: I don't think so.

JILLIAN: Oh, Seneca! Please, please, I've tried to explain to you the way I feel. You're only gonna be disappointed, and then you'll be hurt, and inevitably you'll be angry. I don't want any of that.

SENECA: Neither do I.

JILLIAN: Well then please - please - ease up now, and let's not ruin a friendship that I genuinely value.

SENECA: Jillian, I'm not gonna let you go.

JILLIAN: (turns away, fuming) Oh, you are the most incredible egotist!

SENECA: I don't think so. And it wasn't all on my side. You and I were very much in tune out at the beach house.

JILLIAN: Yes, for a little while!

SENECA: And I don't think that you're the sort of a person who can turn those feelings on and off. And I don't believe it wasn't as wonderful for you as it was for me.

JILLIAN: (whispers) Seneca...

SENECA: Because I know it was, and I'm not gonna let you turn your back on that now.

JILLIAN: (turning around, incensed) You're not gonna let me? Oh, now, wait a minute, I mean, let's get something clear right now, okay? Just who invited you to come in here and take charge of my life?

SENECA: I didn't need an invitation.


SENECA: You heard me.

JILLIAN: Well, for your information, Seneca, nobody has "let me" do things for years and years!

SENECA: Hmmm...well, maybe that's your problem.

JILLIAN: My problem?

SENECA: Yeah, I mean, if you had someone around who cared enough about you to keep you from straying off the straight and narrow every now and then, you might have avoided a lot of trouble.

JILLIAN: I might have avoided you, if that's what you mean!

SENECA: I am not trouble. See how mixed up you are?

JILLIAN: Seneca, what are you doing?

SENECA: I'm suggesting that you might stop being so stiff-necked and independent and you might start doing things my way. I think you'd like it. (grins)

JILLIAN: Look, I told you that I was willing to be your friend, and you need a friend right now just as much as I do. But that doesn't give you permission to come in here and order me around, comment on my behavior, and pass judgment on whom I see or whom I plan to see! Now is that absolutely clear?

SENECA: Say it again.

JILLIAN: (outraged) What?

SENECA: I think you can put more...feeling into it the next time.

JILLIAN: (gets up, completely furious) Oh! You are the most incredible person I... (stops) Oh boy, you're doing that on purpose, right?

SENECA: (smiling) Well, you've been uptight since dinner. I thought that you might feel better if I let you blow off a little steam.

(They both laugh.)

JILLIAN: As a matter of fact, I do feel better.

SENECA: Good, good, I'm glad.

JILLIAN: Dr. Beaulac and his cure for everything.

SENECA: I hope nobody gets me for practicing medicine without a license.

JILLIAN: Well, I won't say anything - this time.

SENECA: But I still meant what I said about the feelings. Every word.

(He goes to kiss her, but she stops him.)

JILLIAN: Come on, don't do this.

SENECA: Why not?

JILLIAN: Because I'm asking you not to.

SENECA: Well, it seems that there's so much happening between us...

JILLIAN: Yes, and that is purely a physical response. Seneca, please, please leave me alone.

SENECA: (nods) Alright, alright, this time.

JILLIAN: Thank you.

(They go toward the door.)

SENECA: But I want you to remember something: This may be the last time I'm this agreeable.

JILLIAN: (jokingly pushes him out the door) Oh, good night!

(She closes the door, rolls her eyes at his behavior, and then looks somewhat concerned as the scene ends.)

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