Jack and Mary's Wedding Photos
June 1976

Johnny Tries to Sober Up Jack

Bob Fantasizes That He's
the One Marrying Mary

Jack Tries to Convince Mary to
Go Through With the Wedding

Mary Isn't Sure She Can Go Through With It

Johnny Walks Mary Down the Aisle

Mary Puts the Ring on Jack's Finger

Jack Kisses the Bride

Mary Hugs Her Family

Jack and Mary Kiss in the Vestibule

Mary Actually Gets Jack to Dance

Hector and Miss Mills

Delia, Father McShane, and Little John

Jumbo Says He'll Break Jack in Two If He Doesn't
Make Mary Happy; Mary Likes That Idea :-)

Jack and Mary Cut the Cake

Jack Feeds Mary a Piece

Pat Catches the Garter, Jill Catches the Bouquet

The Crowd Sings "Irish Rose"

Everyone Throws Rice at Jack and Mary

The Figurines of Jack and Mary on the Cake

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