Joe and Siobhan:
Taking Their Love to the "Max"!
Daytime TV's Greatest Stories
Soap's Loving Couples, 1987
Article Provided By Sabrina

Siobhan and Joe Novak exchanged wedding bands, vowing that one day they would put them on and be together forever! Will Siobhan and Joe have their dreams come true?  Well, not if Max Dubujak has something to say about it.  Look for some fireworks between Max and Joe real soon!

With Joe over at ANTRA trying to find the secret room, Siobhan had to convince Max to stay home.  After their guests left, Siobhan almost had to attack Max, asking him to make love to her.  Joe realized what Siobhan had to do to keep Max home and his eyes filled with pain.  The next morning Siobhan met Joe, but shyed (sic) away when he went to comfort her.  Back in her bedroom, Max wanted to make love again, but Siobhan gave him an excuse and headed for a shower…to rub off his touch!  Realizing he must test Siobhan, Max gave her a set of keys to his office and told her to feel free to redecorate.  Then he and Hartman watched her from a secret room.  Later at their home, Siobhan met Joe in the pantry and told him she thought Max was on to them.  Just then Max appeared!  It was only a matter of time before Max found out about Siobhan and Joe.  After a struggle, Siobhan pushed Max to his death…or did she?

Siobhan looks like she's ready to
make a decision about which man she
really wants, but she's already sure
of herself: Joe Novak is her guy!

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