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Daniel Hugh-Kelly: The New Frank Ryan
Soap Opera Digest, April 1978
by Geri Jefferson
Article Provided By Wanda

Born in New Jersey, Dan is a tall, slender, handsome newcomer to daytime television.

While he has no film or television experience, he has an extensive background with legitimate theater.

Interestingly enough, Dan has an Irish background just as his Ryan's Hope counterpart does.

Stepping into the shoes of as impressive a performer as Andrew Robinson (the former Frank), I asked Dan if he felt the pressure of following such an accomplished actor. Dan's immediate response was to agree that he had "some mighty big shoes to fill." He continued by saying, "But I have my own qualities that I will bring to the role."

Dan began to settle into a free and easy banter discussing everything from his love of surf-fishing to his dad, the police officer, to his over-extended credit limit.  It seems when Dan received his first charge, he went hog-wild and was asked to return the card!

When asked if he had a special lady, the answer was 'yes'. His girlfriend Kathy Ruscio, works at a nearby Manhattan bank, so the two have lots of opportunities to see each other. (Ryan's Hope's studios are also in Manhattan).

So far, Mr. Kelly has yet to be smitten with the realization that he's bound to be a very attractive addition to the roster of daytime stars. But soon now, the plaudits are bound to begin rolling in. On his first air date (opposite Louise Shaffer), Dan handled himself like  a seasoned pro.  He made Frank seem real and believable and nice to be around. Whatever trepidation Dan may have experienced.....he certainly did a grand job of masking it!

There's no doubt about it, Daniel Hugh-Kelly will be a success.

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