Mary Warns Ryan Against
Taking After Her Father
(August 1977)

Mary is attempting to feed Ryan, who is having none of it. Mary pleads with her, "Oh, come on!" She sighs, and puts down the spoon, and tries to reason with the baby, "I don't believe you! Downstairs you were starved, and you're starved right now. I know it!"

She tries again, to no avail. "Here's your lunch, your wonderful banana that you love, and you're actually turning it down because you're mad? Look, I'm sorry I took you away from all those interesting people in the bar. You'd rather be there than here - I get the message! But you also want to eat, and all you're doing now is cutting off your nose to spite your face, which is an awful habit, Ryan - a terrible way to be. I suppose it's in the genes - from your father and me - but I don't want you growing up doing it, and I mean to nip it in the bud! You're punishing no one but yourself! Now eat, my girl!"

She holds out another spoonful, which Ryan again rejects. Mary sighs, "Oh sweetheart!" She picks Ryan up. "Beautiful girl, don't make yourself sad. Be like him some other way. Please!"

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