Those Adorable Scene
Stealers on Ryan's Hope:
Kerry McNamara
Soap Opera Digest, October 16, 1979
Article Provided By Connie

The soundstage at "Ryan's Hope" was silent. Michael Levin (Jack Fenelli) and Kate Mulgrew (the then Mary Fenelli) were preparing to tape a scene-a nursery scene which was to serve a twofold purpose. It would be included in the show as well as be used as the final audition tape for the role of baby Ryan Fenelli. Of the three infants now in bassinets on the stage, only one would win the part. The air was thick with tension. Who would the producer choose?

Upstairs, where the mothers waited, the air was equally charged. Finally the decision was made. Three-month-old Kerry McNamara, daughter of the now-broadly smiling Kathleen, had won the part. Kerry was now a daytime star.

Kerry has had no trouble adjusting to stardom. She has been enjoying every minute of her two years on the show. Kathleen, Kerry's mother, stated that Kerry adores her co-stars and the affection she feels for them is returned in triplicate. "They treat her like a princess, spoil her rotten- and she loves every minute of it!" Kathleen exclaimed.

If the scenes between Kerry, Michael and Nicolette seem particularly real, particularly touching, it's because her feelings for these people are real. She's wild about both her on-screen parents-but most especially her on-screen daddy. "Michael's been very good to her," Kathleen stated. "They have developed a beautiful on-and-off-screen relationship over the years. She's very comfortable around him."

A short while back, Nicolette and Michael though it might be cute to teach Kerry something very much in keeping with her being the daughter of a "Fenelli." They taught her to say caio and wave her hand backwards-the popular Italian way of saying good-bye. She learned the part well and it has added an adorable facet to baby Ryan.

Kerry indeed displays a specia-ness on the screen-and viewers of "Ryan's Hope" have definitely responded to it. Kathleen proudly stated her mailbox has been flooded with fan mail for Kerry-and one of these letters even contained a gift. A sweet token (a little Hawaiian doll) from a fan in Hawaii. Letters, gifts, who would have expected such things to happen to Kerry at such a young age.

A dazzler, a beautiful blond bundle of joy, Kerry McNamara unequivocally adds a magical something everytime she's on "Ryan's Hope."

Kerry and her mother Kathleen just before
Kerry's first birthday (January 1978)........

...and Kerry today.

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