The Soap Opera Book of Lists, 1996
by Gerald J. Waggett
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10 of the Dumbest Moments in Soap History
Chosen by Alan Carter

6. Delia's Kidnapping, Ryan's Hope
For a show known for it's reliance on reality, when Delia got kidnapped by King Kong (no kidding), it signaled the beginning of the end for the acclaimed show.

10 Songs Written About Soap Operas

5. "Jillian's Theme"
John Gabriel (Seneca Beaulac, Ryan's Hope) included on his album the song "Jillian's Theme," which was written about Seneca's wife Jillian Coleridge (played by Nancy Addison).

Original Titles for 12 Soaps

 5. Ryan's Hope
Original title: A Rage to Love
ABC could not clear the rights to use the title A Rage to Love.

12 Real People Upon Whom
Soap Characters Were Modeled

4. Mary Ryan Munisteri
Ryan's Hope co-creator Claire Labine modeled and named the character of Mary Ryan after her friend Mary Ryan Munisteri, who herself eventually became the show's headwriter.

10 Characters Who Slept With 3 or
More Members of the Same Family

5. Delia Reid, Ryan's Hope
When Ryan's Hope premiered, Delia Reid (Ilene Kristen) was married to Frank Ryan (then played by Michael Hawkins). After divorcing him, she moved on to his brother, Dr. Pat Ryan (Malcolm Groome), whom she also married. When Frank and Pat's father, Johnny (Bernard Barrow), discovered that he had a third son he never knew about by the name of Dakota Smith (Christopher Durham), Delia went after him. She got him into bed but not into a marriage.

8 Long-Running Characters Who Had
Originally Been Brought On To Be Killed Off

3. Frank Ryan, Ryan's Hope
Frank, who was found unconscious at the foot of the stairway in the first episode of Ryan's Hope, was not supposed to live much beyond that show. ABC, however, objected to his death, and the storyline was altered, leaving Frank merely temporarily paralyzed. Played by five actors, the character survived throughout the show's entire thirteen-year run.

12 Ivy League Graduates
Who Have Acted on Daytime

12. Bernard Barrow (Johnny Ryan, Ryan's Hope; Louie Slavinsky, Loving)
Note: Barrow received a Ph.D. in theater history from Yale.

12 Other Soap Couples Who Became Real-Life Couples

 10. Grant Show and Yasmine Bleeth (Rick Hyde and Ryan Fenelli, Ryan's Hope)

Curious Reasons Why 10 Actors Lost Their Jobs

6. Ilene Kristen (Delia Reid, Ryan's Hope)
Like (Y&R actress Amy) Gibson, Kristen attributes her being fired to the fact that she had gained weight. The weight gain was an unfortunate side effect of some medication she was taking at the time. She came back to the show in 1986.

First Choices For 12 Roles

6. Grant Show For Ben Shelby, Ryan's Hope
Grant Show (now Jake Hansen, Melrose Place) was originally hired to play the role of Ben Shelby, Maggie Shelby's (Calli Timmons) troubled brother on Ryan's Hope. Because of Show's resemblance to actor David Sederholm (who played police lieutenant Bill Hyde), the producers decided to revamp the role to be Bill Hyde's troubled brother, Rick. The role of Ben was shelved for a couple of years and then given to Jim Wlcek (who went on to play Linc Laffter on As the World Turns.)

5 Cases Where Actors Returned To Their
Roles After Their Characters Had Gone
Through Major Reconstructive Surgery

 3. Joe Novak, Ryan's Hope
When Roscoe Born left Ryan's Hope, the part of Joe Novak was recast with Michael Hennessy with no explanations. The character was presumed dead for two years until Walt Willey (now Jackson Montgomery, All My Children) took over the role of Joe with a physically altered face. Few viewers caught on to the fact that Willey was really Joe since he also stood almost a foot taller than Born and was blonde. When Joe and his wife, Siobhan, left and came back, Born resumed the role long enough for Joe to be killed off.

6 Soap Fans in the White House

5. Rosalyn Carter: Ryan's Hope

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