Nell Hallucinates After Her Stroke
February 1976

(Nell is on the floor, barely conscious, with Seneca over her.)

SENECA: Stay with me, Nell. Try and answer me. Is it in your head? Does your head hurt? (She closes her eyes.) Now come on Nell, don't let go. I have your hand. Can you feel my hand? Good. Are you in pain? Squeeze my hand if you're in pain. (Her eyes open.) Is it in your head? Alright, you lie still. I have to leave you just long enough to fall.

(Nell drifts off and is remembering the past, but only sees Seneca standing in front of a black background, not in any particular setting. We hear Nell's voice as she talks to him, but we don't see her.)

SENECA: I'm not going with you, so I guess you're going to have to leave me.

NELL: Well I have no intention of leaving you. So, I guess we're stuck with each other!

(They laugh.)

SENECA: I guess so.

(The laughter carries over as Nell returns to the present, where Seneca is on the phone.)

SENECA: I want an ambulance here in two minutes!

(The colors quickly change to red and black only.)

SENECA: Right. You find Dr. Carter, get him over to the E.R. In neurology, page 652. He's off-duty? You find him and get him over there!

(Nell's mind cuts to Bucky. First we see the back of his head only, then he turns around.)

BUCKY: (singing) Oh he never returned, no he never returned, and his fate is still unlearned, oh, poor Charlie. He may ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston, he's the man who never returned. Whoa, he'll never return, no he'll never return, and his...

(Back to the present, still in red.)

SENECA: Nell, come on back! Nell, listen to me. There's an ambulance on the way. I love you. It's gonna be alright!

(We see a roaring fire and go back to the past. Again we can't see Nell, but she speaks.)

NELL: No, it's not alright, it's an absolute disaster! I hate it, and I want to go home!

(The camera fades out to reveal Seneca sitting by the fire.)

SENECA: Well, you can't go, cause there's about eight feet of snow piled up against that door.

NELL: Well, dig us out!

SENECA: Well, you're the one who wants to go home. You dig us out!

NELL: You are an absolute beast, Seneca!

SENECA: You know what you are, don't you?

NELL: Furious!

SENECA: You're spoiled! Look, you've got a fire, you've got a bed, enough food for a week - I don't know what you're complaining about. Especially since on top of everything else, you've got me. (laughs)

NELL: (ready to kill him) Oooohhhh!!!!

(Back to the present, still in red, we see the siren on the ambulance flashing. Cut to Seneca.)

SENECA: Now, take it easy. Get the stretcher over here.

PARAMEDIC: Yes, doctor.

SENECA: Easy, dammit!

VOICEOVER OF NELL: I want a bed of gardenias...

(Cut to a nurse.)

SENECA: Does the E.R. know we're coming?

NURSE: Yes, doctor.

VOICEOVER OF NELL: ...I want marigolds in the garden, and a bed of gardenias...

PARAMEDIC: Dr. Beaulac, would you let go of her hand, please?

SENECA: I will not. Get the door.

(The siren is shown flashing again. Then we see the bright light in an operating room, this time in white. But we don't see anything else. We hear a heartbeat.)

SENECA: I want a Lombard Puncture and an angiogram, on the double.

VOICEOVER OF NELL: I love you. Can't you hear me? Please! I love you! I love you! I love you!

(The camera moves closer to the light.)

SENECA: Nell, you're in the emergency room. I'm right here. Bucky's on his way.


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