Paul Avila Mayer

Paul Avila Mayer created Ryan's Hope along with Claire Labine in 1975. He was with the show for the years that it won both of its Outstanding Daytime Drama Emmys and all six of its Outstanding Writing Emmys, and I believe the show won the Writer's Guild Award for Best Written Daytime Serial for each year during which he wrote for the show. Paul began in daytime thirty years or so ago, having previously written screenplays, and remained in the genre until sometime in the 1980s. Prior to Ryan's Hope, he and Claire collaborated as head writers Love of Life and Where the Heart Is. I seem to recall reading that, after leaving Ryan's Hope in the mid-1980s, he was involved with Santa Barbara at some point, though I have been unable to confirm this. Currently, Paul is working as a psychotherapist in New York. Recently, he was evidently involved in the restoration of Ryan's Hope's tapes for rebroadcast on SoapNet.

To be honest, I have been unable to find too much information on Paul. However, I felt he deserved a mention because he was evidently the main defender of my beloved, misunderstood Delia on the writing staff (see Soap Opera People Magazine) - though I won't hold this against Claire (well, not too much) - and for that alone he has my lifetime support! Seriously, his contribution to Ryan's Hope was no doubt invaluable, and for that he deserves his share of the spotlight.

More info about Paul can be found in the interviews section, and pictures of him can be found in the photo gallery.

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