Rosemary Prinz:
Blue Nun
TV Guide, September 10, 1988

Rosemary Prinz, Sister Mary Joel on ABC's Ryan's Hope, is a living legend. She was one of soapdom's first bona fide stars in 1956 as Penny on CBS's As the World Turns and helped launch ABC's All My Children in 1970. Quite a track record for someone who almost got bounced from NBC's now-defunct First Love in 1954. Her offense? She laughed uncontrollably when an actor accidentally turned "Chris cracked up the plane," into "Chris crapped___." Not that she's immune to slips of the tongue. "I did a play where my line was 'I've never seen anything as beautiful as John Dickey's villa,'" Prinz jokes. "Well, imagine how that came out!"

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