Remembering Ryan's Hope
Soap Center, September 1, 2000
Hosted By Brooke Alexander and David Forsyth

Part 3: The Core Family and the Creators

BA: In the late '80s...

Conchetta, Roger, Pat, Maeve, and Frank

BA: ...the Ryan family grew to include Delia and Frank's son, John...

John Reid Ryan

BA: ...and Jack and Mary's daughter, Ryan.

(They show a clip from St. Patrick's Day 1988 of Ryan talking to Mark D'Angelo with Jack looking on.)

Jack, Mark, and Ryan

RYAN: I thought I made it perfectly clear to you yesterday that you are the most despicable form of human being that I have ever met!

(Claire and Paul are again shown speaking.)

CLAIRE: I really think the thing that gave it the energy over the years and that sustained it was the fact that the characters had been well thought out and had had a reality of their own at the beginning.


Maeve and Jack

Group toast

CLAIRE: The core of the family - Maeve and Johnny and Jillian - those people were true, and they were the last defense.

Frank, Jillian, Johnny and Maeve

(Nancy Addison Altman is shown speaking again.)

NANCY: They are extremely special people, Claire and Paul. I mean, I don't think there are too many producers like that around who could create a soap like that. It hasn't been done since.

(They show clips from the final episode.)

Maeve singing on the bar

Jillian, Sister Mary Joel, Delia, Leigh, Roger, Lizzie, John, Evan, and Maggie

MAEVE: Have a good life.


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Part 2: The Couples and the Social Issues
Part 3: The Core Family and the Creators

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