Marian Swan:
Say, Nurse, Haven't I Seen You On....?
Soap Opera Digest, March 1976
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Yes, the lovely smiling face, sweet, soothing voice of Marian Swan, has been many places, including your TV screen.This very capable lady combines acting with her professional career as an R.N.

Marian always harbored a secret desire to act - and being a person of determination, she did something about it. After many years of nursing and acting on an amateur level - she decided that she wanted formal training. So she took speech and voice lessons; studied with Stella Adler, Uta Hagen, Edwards Moor. It all paid off. Marian Swan has appeared in many Off-Broadway productions, in Stock Companies, doing Brigadoon, Never Too Late and many others. In movies she has been seen in The Great Gatsby, Serpico, The Exorcist (as an R.N.), Three Days of the Condor - and has made industrial training films.

How often have you watched one of the day-time dramas showing a scene in an operating room - and wondered about the authenticity of it? Marian explained to me, that while a doctor advises the writers, Marian consults with the directors about the correct staging and operating room techniques - often playing one of the nurses, herself, as she did recently during Nell's operation for an aneurysm (Miss Morris on Ryan's Hope).

Her unique position with Executive Health Examiners gives her the freedom to choose between nursing and acting jobs. "I'm very happy and healthy," Marian told me. "In my combined careers, I love everything I do." And doing includes the lady-like skills of needlework, cooking and entertaining - and the more rigorous but fun sports of snorkeling and cross country skiing....and a great interest in horticulture, with some 75 plants in her apartment and terrace. Yes, Marian is a "I love New Yorker." Her great vitality and enthusiasm for everything she does comes through like a shining beacon. Her three sons follow their mother in choosing their own is a diver, his twin brother, a marine biologist and third, a psychology major.

After nurse/actress Marian Swan, left our offices, she could have been bound for any one of many places - a TV studio, a nursing assignment, an appointment as a lecturer on health or nutrition - or just out to enjoy the freedom of choice to do and to be, whatever makes her so happy.

Nurse Marian Swan talks to a patient in her office.

Actress Marian Swan prepares for her
role as Miss Morris on "Ryan's Hope."

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