The Ryans' Tree
Christmas 1975 Photos

Mary Hangs the Decorations in the Bar

Bucky Brings the Ryans Poinsettias

Maeve and Johnny

Delia Talks Bob Into Coming to Ryan's

Seneca and Nell Arrive

Mary Persuades Bucky to Sing

Maeve and Johnny Are Happy That
Delia Convinced Bob to Come

Mary Tells Bob He's Been Away Too Long

The Cast Sings Deck the Halls

Jill Is Alone On Christmas Eve

The Cast Sings We Wish You a Merry Christmas

The Ornaments Bring Back
Memories for Maeve and Johnny

Mary Cheats and Opens a Present Before
Everyone Else is Up

Jack Gives Mary Emerald Earrings

Delia Shows Pat and Bucky the Blouse That
Little John "Gave" Her For Christmas :-)

Jack and Mary Sing Christmas Carols

Maeve and Johnny Sing Christmas Carols

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