Gong the Kong
Daytime TV Magazine, July 1980
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"Did somebody put LSD in the writer's coffee over at Ryan's Hope? That story of Delia being kidnapped by a gorilla was as silly as something you'd see on Carol Burnett's show."

E. Tucker
Putnam Valley, NY

"Whoever the actor was playing the ape of Ryan's Hope deserves an award - for making such a big fool of himself on national TV."

G. Yorklander
Madison, Wis.

"Delia's little romance with Prince Albert the gorilla on Ryan's Hope really brightened my day. What a refreshing change of pace from the usual soap fare of adultery, unwed motherhood, more adultery and look-alike-twin sisters?"

M.F. Speers
East Orange, NJ

"When I tuned in Ryan's Hope recently (after not being able to watch for months), I saw a man dressed in a hairy suit pretending to be a gorilla. I couldn't believe it! Was this the same show that won all those Emmys????"

M. Vineburton
Memphis, Tenn.

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