Helen Gallagher Photos
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Listening to Frank's Snake
Story (St. Patrick's Day 1977)

Singing "Danny Boy" (St. Patrick's Day 1977)

Mary Goes Into Labor, and Maeve Recalls One of
Their Past Discussions of Motherhood (May 1977)

Maeve Locks Jack and Mary in the Basement of
Ryan's to Get Them Together (November 1977)

Maeve Reads Jack and Mary's Letters
From Ireland (December 1977)

Jill, Edmond, Johnny, and Maeve
(St. Patrick's Day 1978)

Maeve Tries to Help an Allegedly Blind Delia, Who
Can Manage For Herself When She Needs to Get
Pat Away From Faith (St. Patrick's Day 1978)

Johnny, Maeve, and Rae (St. Patrick's Day 1978)

Maeve Singing Danny Boy (St. Patrick's Day 1978)

Delia Cons Maeve Into Giving Up Her Cruise
- And Her Hat For the Cruise (April 1978)

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