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The Ryans Takes Turns Helping to Make Maeve's
Wedding Blouse Into Mary's Wedding Dress

June 1976

The Night Before the Wedding, Maeve Calms
Mary's Pre-Wedding Jitters (June 1976)

After Delia's Affair With Roger Comes
Out, Maeve Tells Her Off (August 1976)

Pat Defends Delia to Maeve - and
Everyone Else (August 1976)

July 1976

Maeve and Johnny Look at Frank's High School
Football Trophy the Night of His Political Dowfall
and Lament That Their Children Are Only Human

September 1976

Maeve Tells Jill That She Cannot Accept
Frank Getting a Divorce and Marrying Her

September 1976

Maeve During Jack's Last Rites, When It Looks
Like He Won't Survive His Car Accident

September 1976

Pat Shows Off His Tuxedo for Faith's Medical
Societ Dance at Ryan's (October 1976)

Then He Dances With Maeve and Pat

Maeve Visits Jack in the Hospital (October 1976)

Johnny and Maeve Decorate the Tree and
Sing Christmas Carols (Christmas 1976)

Art and Kathleen Give Maeve a Hat for Christmas

Delia Flashes Back to Maeve Consoling
Her When Her Parents Died (January 1977)

Maeve Tries to Talk Jack Out
of Annulment (January 1977)

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