Malcolm Groome Photos

With Ilene Kristen (July 2001)

As Dr. Pat Ryan

With the First Faith (Faith Catlin)

Thanksgiving 1975, With Delia and Johnny

Delia Shows Pat and Bucky the Blouse That
Little John "Gave" Her For Christmas
(Christmas 1975)

The Ryan Men on St. Patrick's Day 1976

Pat Dances With Maeve
(St. Patrick's Day 1976)

Mary, Pat and Frank Sing to Maeve
on Mother's Day 1976

Pat Catches the Garter, Jill Catches the Bouquet

After Delia's Affair With Roger Comes Out, Pat
Defends Delia to Maeve (and Everyone Else)

August 1976

When Delia Goes Out On a Ledge to Get
Frank Back, Pat Rescues Her (August 1976)

Pat and Faith # 2, Nancy Barrett (August 1976)

Pat and Faith Plan to Go to Medical Society Dance,
He Shows Off His Tuxedo at Ryan's (October 1976)

Which Incites Dee to Jealously Join the Festivites...

...Prompting Maeve to Get Dee Out of the Way
and Encourage Pat and Faith to Practice Dancing

Then When Faith Gets Tired, Maeve Fills In

Delia Daydreams About a Life of Luxury With
Roger, But Chooses Pat in the End (October 1976)

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