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Despite Dee's Best Attempts, Faith and Pat Make
it to the Medical Society Dance (October 1976)

Faith Does an Impression of Delia's "Poor
Little Girl" Routine for Pat (November 1976)

Pat Flashes Back to When He and Delia
Dated in High School (December 1976)

Delia and Faith Fight When Faith Returns
Pat's Engagement Ring (March 1977)

On Delia and Pat's Wedding Night, Delia Jumps
Up and Down on the Bed (April 1977)

Pat and Faith (St. Patrick's Day 1978)

Pat and Delia (St. Patrick's Day 1978)

Pat Discovers Delia Was Pretending to Be
Blind On a Cruise - a Cruise Out of Which She
Had Conned Maeve and Johnny (April 1978)

Delia Apologizes to Mary, Pat, and Frank For
All of Her Lies and Misdeeds (June 1978)

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