Ron Hale Photos

Ron Speaks in Tribute to Ryan's Hope Co-Creator
Claire Labine at 1995 Soap Opera Digest Awards

Ron on Soap Center (September 2000)

As Dr. Roger Coleridge

With Jill

November 1975

November 1975

Jill and Faith Tend to Roger's Wounds
After Nick Has Him Beaten Up

November 1975

Roger Confesses to Jill That He
Blackmailed Frank (December 1975)

November 1975

November 1975

Delia is an Unexpected Source of Sympathy
(Empathy?) for Roger

December 1975

Delia, Looking for a Shoulder to Cry On,
Runs Into Roger (February 1976)

Delia Ends Up Inviting Roger to Lunch
(and Cooking Lessons) at Lem's

Roger Runs Into Delia at the Hospital, Make a
Date to Cook Dinner Together (February 1976)

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