Ron Hale Photos
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Delia and Roger Make Plans to Cook Dinner
Together At His Apartment (February 1976)

They Finalize Their Plans on the Phone

Delia is Impressed by Roger's Apartment

Roger and Delia First Kiss (March 1976)

Roger Gets Close to Delia...But Jill Interrupts

March 1976

Roger and Delia First Make Love (March 1976)

Delia Sneaks Out of the Ryan's Party to Have a
Rendevous With Roger on St. Patrick's Day 1976

Delia Cares for a Drunken Roger After Ed Dies,
He Then Tells Her He Loves Her (April 1976)

Delia Daydreams About a Life of
Luxury With Roger... (October 1976)

...But, in the End, She Gives Him Back
His Jewels and Leaves to Be With Patrick

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