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Delia and Roger First Make Love (March 1976)

St. Patrick's Day 1976

Delia Sneaks Away From the Party to
Have a Rendezvous With Roger

Delia Cares for a Drunken Roger After Ed Dies,
He Then Tells Her He Loves Her (April 1976)

While Trying to Break it Off With Roger, Delia
Ends Up in His Bathtub :-) (May 1976)

Delia Explains Her Personal Life to a
Stunned Father McShane (May 1976)

Delia, Father McShane, and Little John
at Jack and Mary's Wedding (June 1976)

Delia Begs Jill Not to Tell Frank That She's
Been Having an Affair With Roger (July 1976)

After Delia's Affair With Roger Comes
Out, Maeve Tells Her Off (August 1976)

Delia Goes Out on a Ledge to Try to Get
Frank to Take Her Back (August 1976)

Then She Gets Scared and Can't
Move; Patrick Talks Her Back In

Delia Lets Jill Know That She Won't
Let Frank Go (September 1976)

Delia Daydreams About a Life of
Luxury With Roger... (October 1976)

..But, in the End, She Gives Him Back
His Jewels and Leaves to Be With Patrick

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