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Delia Tries to Console Mary
About Jack (October 1976)

Delia Carves a Pumpkin, Pretending
That It's Faith (Halloween 1976)

Roger Takes Delia Shopping For a Wardrobe for
Their European Getaway - Which, for Delia, is Only
a Ploy to Get Pat to Stop Her (December 1976)

Pat Flashes Back to When He and Delia
Dated in High School (December 1976)

Jack Finds Delia Eavesdropping at the Ryan's; She
Tries to Talk Her Way Out of It (December 1976)

When Roger Finally Returns From the Slow Boat
Ride to Hell, He Gets Revenge on Delia By
 Humiliating Her at Ryan's (New Year's 1977)

Heartbroken That Pat and Faith Got Engaged, Delia
Remembers How Important the Ryans Became to
Her After Her Parents Died (January 1977)

Delia and Faith Fight When Faith Returns
Pat's Engagement Ring (March 1977)

Delia Goes Looking for an Apartment for Her and
Pat, and Naturally Takes Roger Along (April 1977)

On Her Wedding Night With Pat, Delia
Jumps Up and Down on the Bed (April 1977)

Delia and Pat's Marital Bed

Delia Plots to Fake a Miscarriage While
Lying in Her New Bed (May 1977)

Roger Helps Delia Get Out of a Close Call With
Volunteer Work, But Gives Her Some Painful
Truths About Her Tenuous Marriage (August 1977)

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