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With Roger's Help, Delia Plots to Fake a Nervous
Breakdown to Get Pat's Attention (August 1977)

Delia Bundles Up for Winter (in September) to
Leave a Note For Pat Saying She's Gone to Be
With Her (Dead) Mother (September 1977)

She Even Manages to Get Bucky Worried

Bored Waiting at Her Mother's Grave for Pat to
Come "Save" Her From Her Fake Breakdown,
Delia Starts Doing Her Nails (September 1977)

Delia Faking Blindness on St. Patrick's Day 1978

Delia Cons Maeve and Johnny Into Giving Her
and Pat Their Cruise After They Opt to Stay
Home and Campaign for Frank (April 1978)

Delia Taunts Mary By Wearing the Hat She and
Jack Bought for Maeve to Wear on the Cruise

On the Cruise, Delia Fantasizes About a Room Full
of Men Fawning Over Her and Pat Being Jealous

Delia Fends Off a Lounge Lizard On the Cruise
Who Know She Can See and Makes Passes at Her

His Wife Finds Them and Thinks He and Delia Are
Lovers, So Delia Hides From Them When On Deck
Under a Hat, Sunglasses, and Lots of Sunscreen

Delia Apologizes to Mary, Pat, and Frank For
All of Her Lies and Misdeeds (June 1978)

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