Kate Mulgrew Photos
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Johnny Walks Mary Down the Aisle

June 1976

Mary Puts the Ring on Jack's Finger (June 1976)

Jack Kisses the Bride (June 1976)

Mary Actually Gets Jack to Dance

June 1976

Jumbo Says He'll Break Jack in Two If He Doesn't
Make Mary Happy; Mary Likes That Idea :-)

June 1976

Jack and Mary Cut the Cake

Jack Feeds Mary a Piece

The Figurines of Jack and Mary on the Cake

Mary and Jack On Their Honeymoon
(July 1976)

Father McShane Gives Jack Last Rites When It
Looks Like He Won't Survive His Car Accident

September 1976

Delia Tries to Console Mary
About Jack (October 1976)

With Jack, Frank, and the Kids (Christmas 1976)

For a Moment, Jack Softens About the
Ryans and the Baby (Christmas 1976)

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