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Mary Finds Jack at His Apartment After He Moves
Out of Ryan's w/o Telling Anyone (February 1977)

Jack Serves Mary Divorce Papers, and She
Promises Him a Fight! (February 1977)

Listening to Maeve Sing "Danny
Boy" (St. Patrick's Day 1977)

Father McShane Helps Mary Block
Jack's Annulment Efforts (March 1977)

While Mary Visits Jack in the Hospital Before
His Impotence Surgery, an Overworked Intern
Accidentally Preps Him for Vericose Vein Surgery

April 1977

Jack Translates La Boheme for Mary (May 1977)

Mary Brings Jack a Lamaze Book, Which
He Throws Off of His Balcony (May 1977)

Maeve Sits With Mary When
She Goes Into Labor (May 1977)

Mary Implores Ryan Not to Take After Her Father
By Cutting Off Her Nose to Spite Her Face

September 1977

Maeve Locks Jack and Mary in the Basement of
Ryan's to Get Them Together (November 1977)

At First, They Sit in Opposite Corners
and Refuse to Speak to Each Other

Eventually, They Work Through
Their Problems and Reunite

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