Remembering Ryan's Hope
Soap Center, September 1, 2000
Hosted By Brooke Alexander and David Forsyth

Part 2: The Couples and the Social Issues

BA: A constant in the show's fourteen year run were its deeply romantic love stories.

Nell and Seneca

BA: The on-again, off-again sagas of Jack and Mary...

BA: ...Siobhan and Joe...



BA: ...and Jillian and Frank are seen as classics in the soap opera genre.

Frank and Jillian

(They show a clip of Frank and Jill in the kitchen of Ryan's from St. Patrick's Day 1980.)

JILLIAN: Don't you want to kiss me?

Frank and Jillian

FRANK: Yeah.

Frank and Jillian

(They kiss.)

BA: In addition to romance, Ryan's Hope dared to take on issues like abortion...

Jill had an abortion?

BA: ...euthanasia...

Seneca and Nell

BA: ...and drug addiction.

(They show a clip of Jillian and Seneca from 1979.)

Seneca and Jillian

JILLIAN: Please! I want to stop and I need the pills. I don't want this anymore!

(Nancy Addison Altman is shown speaking.)

Nancy Addison Altman

NANCY: Who could ask for anything more than that as an actress? The drama and the challenge to make it real and interesting. A lot of emotional stuff going on there. That was an amazing story.

(They show a black and white(?) clip of Jillian lashing out at Seneca.)

Seneca and Jillian

Part 1: The Cast and the Characters
Part 2: The Couples and the Issues
Part 3: The Core Family and the Creators

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